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·        There are many careers in the field ofpsychology including therapists, consolers, clinic professionals, professors oreducators, but the one I choose to research is forensic psychologists. ·        Forensic psychology is the field ofpsychology that deals with the in depth research application in the legalspectrum.

(Ward 2013)·        Forensic psychologists’ role is to applytheir own research/evidence and previously done research to individuals thathave business with the legal system usually criminal cases.·        This field is extremely different thanany other field of psychology because in order to become one you have to studyboth psychology and law and how they impact each other.·        Students studying to become a forensicpsychologist have to take courses in all areas of psychology in order to applythem to the legal setting. ·        On top of having to be extremely wellrounded in all psychology fields, they also have to take courses in criminal justiceand law. ·        Students will have to research the psychologicaland law aspects of many different topics.·        After researching the aspects of both psychologyand law they will have to interpret the causes of the crime using their expert backgroundin psychology. ·        Forensic psychologists need many moreskills than just a great understanding of all psychology fields and the legalsystem.

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·        For example they need skills such as; “clinicalassessment, interviewing, report writing, strong verbal communication skills” (Ward2013)·        On top of those skills forensicpsychologists need to be able to public speak and present evidence or researchas a witness in a court case.·        Development psychology can definitely assistpeople deciding to become a forensic psychologist.·        Development psychology shows us how peoplechange throughout the course of their life, from birth until they die. ·        This would be one of the top fields for forensicpsychologist to use to support their research and findings.

·        Why, because changes in people lifeespecially early in life greatly effect peoples decision making later in life. ·        For example children that saw or wereinvolved in a crime could be permanently affected by those events for the restof their lives.·        The psychologist’s job would be to findthe reasoning behind a person’s actions and they could use the developmentpsychology field to back up their research and findings. ·        Forensic psychologists are a major partof the legal system today because of the influence they can have on a case becauseof their expertise on mental states and people reasoning and motives for doing whatthey do. ·        Abraham Fenster, Thomas r. Litwack, and MartinSymonds wrote an article in 1975 called TheMaking of a Forensic Psychologist: Needs and Goals for Doctoral Training,this article delves into the topic of Forensic psychology and what a personneeds to do to become one.

·        The authors also provide details of how forensicpsychologists are involved in the justice system. ·        Forensic psychologists are depended to accuratelyidentify mental disorders when they appear in the legal system.(Fenster, Litwack,, 1975)·        In the current justice system defendantsuse the insanity plea to say they were not mentally stable while committing thecrime.(Fenster et al., 1975)·        The forensic psychologist has to findout if the defendant is telling the truth or not, the authors give the steps inwhich they operate during an insanity plea case.

(Fenster et al., 1975)·        The first way forensic psychologists areinvolved in the justice system is before the trial or pretrial phase. Theirrole consists of them making sure the person standing trial is in good enoughmental health or suitable to stand trial. (Fenster et al., 1975)·        The second phase is the actual trail iswhich the defendant claims they were insane or are currently insane. (Fensteret al.

, 1975)·        The last and most important part for thepsychologist is the sentencing. They have to present their findings to thecourt and either support the claim they were insane or say they were competent atthe time of the crime. (Fenster et al., 1975)·        The authors present this great exampleof how a modern forensic psychologist impacts the judicial system.

·        Forensic psychology is a field that ison the rise and is greatly impacting not just the legal system but the wholecommunity of psychology. 

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