· assessed the financial impact to the company.

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Last updated: December 24, 2019

·       Resource Planning and executionof multiple projects across all phases of development.·       ExpandingBusiness by providing assurance to clients and other stakeholders related tointernal   controls.

·       Develop thebusiness case to address sustainability issues.·       Developed climate change strategiesfor financial institutions, including framework and criteria to steerinvestment decisions towards a low risk, low carbon future.·       Assessed climate risks offinancial portfolio and support risk disclosure. ·       Analyzed & reported onexternal economic trends, including effects of government legislation, andassessed the financial impact to the company.·       Supported developing countriesin accessing climate finance, e.g. Green Climate Fund.·       Developed & maintainedrelationships with relevant governmental(DNAs), United Nations, and carbonmarket experts.·       Engaged withpotential carbon credit buyers and intermediaries on project-based credit salesand other relevant transactions.·       Assessed Renewable Energyproject based on Pay back, IRR, NPV, & sensitivity analysis.·       Developed green field projectsunder CDM, JI & ACR (LFG, CMM, Biomass, RECs).·       Developed an SOPs to ensuremonitoring in compliance.·       Keeping up to date on climatepolicy developments and serving as an in-house resource to develop futurestrategy of the company.

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