· It was observed that, when domestic work,

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·        Jainand Batliwala (1985) concluded that since women retain the major responsibilityfor domestic chores despite of their labor force participation. It was observedthat, when domestic work, home-based economic work, and labor outside the homeare combined, women work far longer hours than men, particularly within poorhouseholds. Hence, any strategy for improving women’s access to paid employmentmust simultaneously reduce the burden of domestic work.

 ·        Jeffery,Jeffery, and Lyon, (1989) conducted a field study in Uttar Pradesh and reportedthat men hardly accepted the fact that their womenfolk really work. The researcherswere repeatedly told that women—like children—simply eat food and do nothing economicallyimportant.                    ·        Collier(1994) observed that in developed countries gender discrimination against womenin the labor market is usually identified with differential wage rates.

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Genderdiscrimination in developing nations appears to take the form of differentialaccess to wage employment.  ·        Blackdenand Bhanu (1999) in their study reported that in several countries it is very hardfor females to have access to human capital, land, and financial or otherassets that allow them to be entrepreneurs. ·        BertaEsteve – Volart (2004) explained that gender discrimination against women inthe market place shrink the available talent in an economy, which has harmfuleconomic consequences. Gender discrimination takes many shapes.

There are manysocial practices seen as normal from religious or cultural points of view, buthave women out of the economic mainstream. These social practices may haveintense economic consequences since they restrict society to take benefit ofthe talent inherent in women. ·        Anna-MariaLind (2006) stated that India’s population still leads traditional lives inrural areas. Religious laws and traditions, decide the lives of people, mainlywomen.

Even if women are formerly entitled to own land and resources social andreligious factors cease many women from this right so that they do not causedistortions within the family. The fondness for having sons exists in allsocial classes in India, which sets the standard for girls throughout theirentire lives.  Genderis a range of characteristics used to distinguish between males and females,particularly in the cases of men and women and the masculine and feminineattributes assigned to them.Socialscience studies, gender as a social construct, while natural scienceinvestigates biological differences in males and females that influence thedevelopment of gender in humans. Both debates on how far biological differencesinfluence gender identity formation. v  GenderdiscriminationGender is a common term, whereas gender discrimination is meant only for women, because females are the onlyvictims of gender discrimination.

Gender discrimination is not causedbiologically but it is social. Social cause’s for instance educational backwardness,caste, religious beliefs, culture, customs and beliefs, races, low income,unemployment, society, family situation and attitudes are the basis of genderis gender discrimination. v  Gender equity and equalityEquity:Gender Equity is the process of being fair to men and women.Equality: Giving the same reward to all,regardless of their contributions.Equityis a means. Equality is the result. v  Gender Sensitivity Theconcept of gender sensitivity has been developed as a way to reduce barriers topersonal and economic development created by sexism. Gender sensitivity helpsto generate respect for the individual in spite of their sex.

Gendersensitivity is not about pitting women against men. On the contrary, educatingthat, gender sensitive benefits both boys and girls. It helps them determinewhich assumptions in matters of gender are valid and which are stereotypedgeneralizations.

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