1.0 a trail of chemical pollution. And it

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1.0 Introduction1.1 Background ofStudiesSolar panels glimmering in the sun are an icon of all thatis green. But while generating electricity through photovoltaic is indeedbetter for the environment than burning fossil fuels, several incidents havelinked the manufacture of these shining symbols of environmental virtue to atrail of chemical pollution. And it turns out that the time it takes tocompensate for the energy used and the greenhouse gases emitted in photovoltaicpanel production varies substantially by technology and geography.

2.0 Research Reason2.1 Problem StatementThere are three generation of Solarcells. Depending upon the material using in them. They need lots of energyduring manufacturing & cause serious problems while manufacturing &decomposing. Workers who are working in the making industries are heavilyexposing by these dangerous elements.

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The best way to avoid exposingworkers and the environment to toxic cadmium is to minimize the amount used orto use no cadmium or at all. Toxicity isn’t the only concern. Making solar cellsrequires a lot of energy. Fortunately, because these cells generateelectricity, they pay back the original investment of energy; most do so afterjust two years of operation, and some companies report payback times as shortas six months. This “energy payback” time is not the same as the time neededto recoup a consumers financial investment in solar panels; it measuresinvestments and payback times in terms of kilowatt-hours, not in terms ofmoney.Analysts also judge the impact of the energy used to make a solar panel bythe amount of carbon generated in the production of that energy—a number thatcan vary widely. To do this, we give the energy a carbon-intensity value,usually represented as kilograms of CO2 emitted per kilowatt-hourgenerated.2.

2 Study PurposeThe research problems which are mentioned above, in this dissertation willbe addressed with the answers & solutions. The aim of research will exposethe exercise regarding solar cells manufacturing & decomposition & evaluatethe solutions which may help to make this renewable energy really sustainable.  2.3 Questions of ResearchThe research aims as mentioned above can be addressed after answering thefollowing questions:1.

      How research comparison ofpollutants used & produced in the production of Solar Cell can be done?2.      How can we do proper decompositionof three generation solar cells depending upon the lifespan of used elements by which no sort ofpollution would occur?3.     How can we recycle SolarCells?4.     Is it possible tomanufacture solar cells by using lowest amount of energy? 2.4 Significance Statement Thisdissertation will increase the knowledge in the following three areas: 1.

       Pakistan Solar Association (PSA) is making all effortsto protect and promote solar business in Pakistan. By formulating thisdissertation, Pakistan will be provided clean energy to the people.2.

       Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is making effortsto use renewable energy in a sustainable way because while generatingelectricity through photovoltaic is indeed better for the environment thanburning fossil fuels, several incidents have linked the manufacture of theseshining symbols of environmental virtue to a trail of chemical pollution.3.       The findings of this research will result in theefficiency & effectiveness of strategic planning process of public sectororganizations of world, specially Pakistan public sector organization ofPakistan. 2.5 Limitation of researchscope Thisstudy is limited by various boundaries which are as follows:1.     This research examines the formation process & energy required inthe yield of solar cell & their decomposition depending upon the lifespanof elements (Silicon, cadmium, telluride) degradation.

2.     Thisresearch is mainly focusing world which may facehazardous substances present in soilby the improper decomposition of solar cells which may cause land pollution.

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