1.1 within the organization. Clark (1997) reason that

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 1.1  GeneralSeveral companiesfail to comprehend the importance of working environment for work-force Jobsatisfaction and therefore face a portion of complications throughout theirwork. The organizations related to such scenarios are internally weak,therefore wasn’t unable to outshine against their competitors by introducinginnovating products in the market (Aiken, Clarke, & Sloane, 2002). For achievingthe mission and vision of the company work-force plays vital role andconsidered being essential.

Work-force must encounter the enactment standards establishedby the business to guarantee the excellence of their work. To encounter the valuesof business, work-force requisite a working environment that permits them to effortfreely without difficulties that may confine them from execution up to thelevel of their full prospective. 1.2  JobSatisfactionAccording to Vroom (1964) Job satisfaction is coordinationof feelings that work-force own in the direction of role they are carrying outat the work place. Job satisfaction is the important module for work-force inspirationand reinforcement towards better enactment .Several people has definite Jobsatisfaction over the years. Hoppok& Spielgler (1938)defines Job satisfaction as the integrated set of psychological, physiologicaland environmental conditions that encourage work-forces to admit that they are Pleasedor happy with their professions .

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Further, the role of work-forces at workplaceis emphasized as there is an influence of various elements on an work-forcewithin the organization.Clark(1997) reasonthat if work-forces are not Pleased with the profession allocated to them, theyare not sure about elements such as their privileges, operational conditionsare risky, co-workers are not supportive, controller is not generous them withrespect and are not well-thought-out in the Process of decision making; whichresults them to feel isolated from the organization. Furthermore, he projectedthat in now days, businesses cannot meet the expense of dis-Pleased work-forcesas they will not achieve the standards or the prospects of their supervisor,they will be dismissed, causing businesses to have additional expense forrecruiting new work-force. So, it is favorable for businesses to deliver flexibleworking environment to work-forces where they felt of being valued by theiropinions and are considered the part of organization. Work-force morale shouldbe high as it will be revealed in their enactment because with low determination,they will make few struggles to improve. 1.3 Working EnvironmentWork and context arethe two broader dimensions of the working environment.

Work includes all the multipledescriptivist of the profession like the way profession is carried out and accomplished,involving the responsibilities like task accomplishments training, controlling one’sown profession related accomplishments, wisdom of achievement from effort, diversityin responsibilities and the core value for a job. Numerous research papers haveattentive on the basic aspect of the Job satisfaction. Outcomes have shown thatthere is a positive link between work environment and core aspect of the Job satisfaction.

They further detailed another measurement of Job satisfaction known as situationencompasses of the physical working conditions and the social workingconditions (Sousa-Poza & Sousa-Poza,2000; Gazioglu & Tanselb, 2006; Skalli, Theodossiou, & Vasileiou,2008).Spector(1997) witnessedthat many of the businesses overlook the working environment within their organizationcausing in confrontational effect on the enactment of their work-forces.According to him, working environment comprises of safety to work-forces, professionsecurity, positive relations with co-workers, acknowledgment for upright enactment,motivation for acting out well and involvement in the decision making processof the firm. He supplementary elaborated that once work-forces understand thatthe firms think through them important, they will have in height level of obligationand intellect of possession for their organization.Multiple dynamicswithin the working environment such as take-home pay, working hours, self-sufficiencygiven to work-forces, organizational structure and communication between work-forces& supervision may affect Job satisfaction (Lane, Esser, Holte, & Anne, 2010). Arnetz (1999) argue that inBusinesses; can be pragmatic that mostly work-forces have glitches with their supervisorwho isn’t gene-rousing them the esteem they be worthy of. Supervisors also showharsh deeds to work-forces due to which they are not easy to share decent and groundbreakingideas with their supervisors Abdul Raziqand Raheela Maulabakhsh / Procedia Economics and Finance 23 ( 2015 ) 717 – 725719. Furthermore, he defines that upper management restrict work-forces totheir tasks rather than constructing a sense of responsibility in work-forcesby making them work in teams to attain high enactment.

Petterson(1998) Arguesthat for accomplishing the business goals the interaction between thework-force within a organization is crucial. Additionally he refer to thecommunication of info must be correctly done in a well-timed manner so that theprocesses of the business run smoothly. If there is a clatter betweenco-workers then it is problematic to achieve the purposes of organization.

Basedon the above discussion, the objective of this Research Project is to determinethe relationship between the working environment and work-force Jobsatisfaction. 1.4Problem StatementThe prime purpose ofthis research is to investigate and measure the impact of working environmenton work-forces which leads to profession dissatisfaction and non-achievement ofvisionary goals set by the organization.

   1.5Research GapWork-forces are keyobjects for every type of business organization. One of many challenges for abusiness is to satisfy its work-forces in order to cope up with the everchanging and evolving environment and to achieve success and remain in competition.This practice of providing good working environment to work-forces isconsidered very much important in multinational companies. The purpose of thisproject is apply this practice at Pakistani Glass based Industry. Theresearcher has selected Ghani Group (H.O) Lahore, Pakistan for this study todraw conclusions and measure the impact of Working Environment on Jobsatisfaction. 1.

6Research Questions·        Satisfactionwith physical working conditions?·        Satisfactionwith current maintenance of the building?·        Thehygiene maintenance in the Organization?·        Satisfactionwith Current fixed working hours?·        Thework accomplishments compared to your skills and the opportunities forimproving your competence level?·        Accessto equipment necessary for performing your tasks? ·        Satisfactionwith the training opportunities in the Organization?·        Teamwork in the institution?·        Possibilitiesto receive assistance from co-workers when necessary?·        Supervisorprovides me with sufficient information related to work ?·        Supervisorhas reasonable expectations of work?·        Immediatesupervisors trust in fellow co-workers?·        Responsibilityof immediate supervisors towards work-forces?·        Opinionregarding trust in the head of the department?·        Responsibilityin the organization as a whole?·        Traininghelp in the advancement of career?·        Traininghelp to improve work efficiency?·        Howwork-forces spend their working time?·        Organizationas a work environment meet expectations?·        Trustamong work-forces in general?·        Conflictresolution skills of immediate supervisor?·        Thecareer advancement opportunities or your competence in general?·        Managementand professional skills of immediate supervisor?·        Communicationbetween the immediate supervisor and work-forces?·        Satisfactionwith the human resources management and the communication between work-forces?   1.7Objectives of StudyThe objective of thisProject is to analyze the impact and importance of working environment on work forceJob satisfaction For Glass based Industry. 1.8Hypothesis·        Thebehavior of the work-forces is positively associated with the workingenvironment.·        Qualityof services is positively associated with the working environment.·        Interactionmanagement is positively associated with the working environment.·        Betterworking environment have a positive relation with increased Job satisfaction.

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