1.4 allows for staff to identify with the

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4 Internal Presentations –Specifically quarterly, with the purpose to; inform, motivate, educate and reinforceinternal stakeholders held at the organisations headquarters. Prior to theinternal communication it would be beneficial to produce SMART objectives tomonitor what the take away would be and to see whether this method wassuccessful. To get the virtual workers down to headquarters on a quarterly basis wouldbecome costly however getting them connected through Skype would still get theminvolved. The quarterly meetings would begin with the history of the brand andwhy the organisation currently exists; to reinforce the brand statement,mission and values on all members of staff to remind them what they are doingis ‘saving lives’. As the organisation works in a functional structure eachdepartment have their own responsibilities and goals which perhaps otherinternal stakeholders are unaware of e.g. Marketing unaware of Operationsannual objectives. A solution would be to use the Managers of each departmentto discuss the ‘wins’ and barriers that their department has had in theprevious quarter, this could encourage cross functional working if anotherdepartment could help dependant on the situation.

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Each department to alsoinform stakeholders of their targets, goals and visions for the next quarterfor e.g. Product Development to begin the creation of a new garments. Accordingto Fill and Turnbull ‘The key to successful employee branding hinges upon anorganisations ability to communicate desirable values and goals, as this helpsemployees to identify with the organisation, this in turn prompts employees tospeak positively about the organisation and so influence externalstakeholders’. (Fill andTurnbull, 2016 p.315) This form ofcommunication also allows for staff to identify with the work they have contributed.Support White’s theory that ’employees want to know where their organisation isheaded and how they contribute to achieving this vision.

(White et al, 2010p.67) Positive acknowledgement will effect the organisation as it will increaseproductivity and reduce staff turnover when addressed correctly. Maintaininghappy internal stakeholders converts employees into Brand Ambassadors whom promotethe brand message to other members of staff and externals, also known as Employee Branding.  Alternatively, not having an inclusive culture could impact the successof Skanwear. When aligning an organisation with the McKinley 7S Framework (Mindtools.com, n.d.) the culture of Skanwearmust be considered as this is what can effect the less tangible ‘soft’ elementssuch as; shared values, skills, style and staff.

The framework suggests if oneof the elements are unaligned then all of the elements will become unaligned,for Skanwear if the staff are unvalued and unappreciated the brand messagewon’t be correctly represented when in contact with external stakeholders andaffect the brand credibility and potentially the brands equity.  1.5Informal Appraisals – Appraisalsor 1-2-1’s (Manager to Employee) allows Management to understand the processingstyle of the individual and how they gather and project information. At Manager to employee level allows face-to-face interaction alone where employeescan discuss personal goals/development; for example, Global Account Managerscould want further training in presenting techniques. Knowing what drives theindividual, incentives such as further training and listening to employees ofwhat they want/desire from the organisation in return for their services allowsManagement to put procedures in place, with the end result of a happy motivatedemployee leading to positive delivery of the brand message. For a smallorganisation to understand individual stakeholders is key not only for Skanwearbut for people who touch the brand externally, this is also reinforced by Fill’ssuggestion that ‘Employees are important to external stakeholders not onlybecause of the tangible aspects of service and production then can provide, butalso because of the intangible aspects such as attitude and the way the serviceis provided: ‘How much do they really care?” (Fill and Turnbull, 2016)  This form of internal communications also allows forrelationship building in the workplace, it provides motivation to employeesthat the organization cares about their well being outside of work. Accordingto The 7P Marketing Mix (Academy, 2018) People in particular is important as it refers to the selectionprocess of employees and their capabilities of delivering the service andmessage.

The theory suggests the people within an organisation are as importantas they product/service they are offering as they all shape a consumersexperience with the brand. It is important that the internal stakeholders ofSkanwear are happy and have the correct mind-set to deliver the brand messageeffectively. Getting this correct supports Fill’s statement that ‘These touchpoints with brands are aspects of a consumers brand experience and are used todevelop images that through time may shape brand reputations’. (Fill andTurnbull, 2016 p.332) If the staff lack motivation and care for theorganisation this could create a negative impact on the customer’s experiencewith the brand. During these appraisals would be possible to reinforcebrand values and allow them to identify with the organisation. To ensure thecommunication is clear, elements of the DRIPModel (Fill, 2002) can be utilised. The DRIP model can be used to remind the stakeholder why theorganisation exists – to save lives and to ensure customers get home safe eachnight.

To inform them of what ishappening regarding the development of the organisation and the direction it istaking, also informing them of the brand message and why it is important tounderstand it. To persuade stakeholdersto become more aligned with the brand now they understand the brand messagemaking them become a moulded Brand Ambassador. Once the communication isunderstood, the delivery to an external stakeholder will come much moreauthentic.

By aligning employees with such responsibilities, in regard to brandbuilding, it would make them feel a valuable asset to Skanwear.  1.6Budget Setting for Brand Building Campaigns         Objective & Task – This approach is a market-orientated procedure that is specifically definedby what the marketing objective and task is. This form of budget setting methodrequires no market research as it lacks relevancy. Although this methodwill have definable Key Performance Indicators so progress can be monitored,the downside to this method is the ROI is not easily identifiable at thebeginning of the communication therefor the organisation must forecast desiredresults prior to beginning the communication; also the data and results cannotbe reused for following communications, as it is objective based. (Bass, n.d.)On the contrary if the objectives remain the same for following communicationcampaigns the Objective and Task method also known as the DAGMAR Approach -Defining advertising goals for measuringadvertising results (Hughes and Fill, 2005 p.

160) would provide beneficial. TheMarketing department consists of 2 members of staff; the Sales and MarketingManager and the Graphic Designer, once building the brand buildingcommunication it will allow them to justify what internal and externalresources will be required. Questions has circulated on how should the budgetbe divided across brand and how much should be allocated towards marketingcommunications (Fill, 2016) however this relies on the needs of theorganisation. To define what resources are available and/or required, Skanwearcan align themselves with the 5M’s.The 5 M Model is broken down into; Man,Materials, Machines, Minutes and Money (Omoregie, 2010), the framework suggests that allorganisations operate and succeed or fail because of these categories.

For theorganisation’s Marketing department, the capabilities and knowledge of man can only stretch so far. ForSkanwear to rely purely on two members off staff could damage the brand as theinternal stakeholders needs and wellbeing are not being considered leading to apoor work ethic. The workforce is theones ensure that materials are accessed and the machinery is operated thereforerecruitment or outsourcing would be the best option to ensure success of thecampaign, if neither option is achievable then training of existing staff wouldbe beneficial dependant on the financial resources available.

In terms ofmachinery this organisation has one Apple MacBook within the building and wouldbe able to determine whether this would be enough, will the one Mac be able tohave to correct systems in place to deliver the communication. Minutes: Once SMART objectives for thecampaign are created the department will need to realistically allow time forthe communication to be developed. The objective and task method althougheffective would become financially high with no realistic price on spend forthe correct resources alone and could potentially cause problems withstakeholders in the financial department.

 Experimentation – The method of experimentation inregards to budgeting refers to ensuring the organisation creates a benchmarkthat supports all levels of the business, however experiments with theremainder. The remainder could be used in alternate ways to project the brandto a wider market. (Hughes and Fill, 2005 p.160) Management would imposethe experimental budgeting process on allocating it differently in order toattain an increased return on investment.

To ensure a better chance of success,the Marketing Department of Skanwear would heavily rely on most recent resultsfrom web analytics and product purchase activity that had a similar objectiveand use this as a benchmark.  This form of budgetingwould have little impact of the organisation as the department could stillreceive a consistent amount and within would allocate differently. This methodwould allow for a change in variables, for example, Direct Mailing and theability to target segments differently. For the organisation, the variables wecould change are the garments shown and content. The pre-test would be alldepend on the segment and needs. The data could potentially drive the brandforward.

Weber suggests ‘Adjustments in the market budget in response to anticipatedincreases in competitive intensity should be determined’ (Weber, 2002 p.708),with this in mind Skanwear could use the remainder of the budget to push thebrand towards a segment, which hasn’t been touched before. Targeting this newsegment with a smaller budget would work well as the audience hasn’t beentested on therefore results would be unknown. Fill suggests a ‘At theend of the campaign, a financial review enables management to learn from theexperiences of the promotional activity in order that future communications canbe made more efficient and the return on the investment improved’ (Fill andTurnbull, 2016), For Skanwear, using the data from a previous product promotioncampaign with result broken down from the organisations website, the Arc Hi-VisOverall brought in £6,000 with 12,000 viewers meaning a 0.5% conversion rate,it could suggest by allocation more of the marketing budget towards PPC tobring in 24,000 viewers then next product potentially would create £12,000worth of sales.

This method would be most sufficient with sales growth.          

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