1.5.2 Cst

Which of the following sentences would the word apparational best complete?
Wasted away after being lost at sea for a month, she looked apparational.

Which of the following was not an English Romantic poet?
Jonathon Swift

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Which of the following is the best english definition of sublime.
A terrible, awe-inspiring form of beauty

Which genre did the Neoclassicists favor?

Which of the following is not one of the ways nature commonly appears in Romantic writing?
As an adversary to be overcome.

What is the name of the dominant literary era that came immediately before English Romanticism?

Which of the following best describes Romantic poetry?
A preoccupation with nature as a subject

Which of these best summarizes the Romantic attitudes toward the city?
It is a place of misery and corruption.

“A cold dew covered my forehead,…

….” Which of the following characteristics of the gothic novel are represented in this excerpt?

Suspence and horror

Which of the following is the best definition of imagery?
A word or collection of words that appeal to the senses.

Which of the following is true of Mary Shelley?
She contributed to the developement of the gothic subgenre.

Which of the options below best describes the following statement? “The unfair taxes imposed by great britian on the american colonies led directly to the american decloration and revolutionary war.”

The following represent stages in the resume writing process. Put them in the correct order, from first to last.

Chose format 2. Organize your information 3. Refine your information 4. Review 5. Get Feedback

Which of the following best defines the literary perspective that might be used in a multiple-perspective analysis essay?
How the words are combined in a text to provide meaning

What did the French Revolution mean or represent to many Romantics?
The dawning of a new era of freedome, equality and brotherhood.

Which of the following is not an example of biased or discriminiatory language?
Would someone please call a firefighter?

Which of the following is the best definition of induction?
A ofrm of logic in which the premise supports the conclusion, but does not prove it.

Which of these is a typical element in a gothic novel?
A spooky setting

Which of the following statements is true of the novel as a genre?
The earliest major novels were the Decameron and don Quixote.

Which of these is not a Neoclassical writer?
William Blake

Which of the following was not an English Romantic poet?

Samuel Johnson

What event was the single greatest influence on the writers of the English Romantic era?
The french Revolution.

Which of the follwoing is not true of the novel as a literary genre?
Novels have been around since before recorded history.

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