1. and current rate of progress of urbanization

1.      Whatis the most important point the readings and why?  The most significant point of this articlestresses “the origins, growth and current rate of progress of urbanizationaround the world” (Davis, 429). Davis suggests that origins of urbanizationinvolve living in rural and ancient cities such as Mesopotamia, China, and theIndus Valley before mankind even existed (Davis, 429). Davis also suggests thatthe growth of urbanization led to the contributions of urbanization such as agricultureduring the pre-Industrial period, technological innovations such as access totrade and commerce (Davis, 431-2). The current rate of progress of urbanizationproves that urbanization “increased rapidly from 1800 to 1950” (Davis, 433).2.

      Whichof the POET categories was emphasized by the readings? The population wasemphasized by this article because it involved people moving from one place to another.For example, the Neolithic population was dense as opposed to hunters due tothe reliance on agriculture (Davis, 430). The organization was also emphasizedin this article such as social class including the traders and artisans becauseit indicates that obtaining goods and services was a way of living in an individualland (Davis, 430). Technology was finally emphasized due to having access to tradeand scientific progress (Davis, 430). For example, there are ports in Asia thatare close to cities for having access to trade during urbanization (Davis,430).3.      Whatconnections did the readings make with other materials or classes? The article The Origin and Growth of Urbanization in theWorld by Kingsley Davis makes amajor connection with the POET Understanding big changes. 4.

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      Whatdid you not understand from the readings? From this article The Origin and Growth of Urbanization in theWorld by Kingsley Davis, I did not understand what this phrase means by”many problems associated with urbanization are unsolved and its futuredirection and potentialities are still a matter of uncertainty” (Davis, 429). References:Davis, Kingsley. “The Origin and Growth ofUrbanization in the World.

” American Journal of Sociology, vol. 60,no. 5, 1955, pp. 429–437., doi:10.1086/221602.

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