1. best! 2. Stimulate their minds. An InformationWeek survey

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Last updated: December 11, 2019

1.      Help Workers Be GreatCreative people love challenge and they work for thatchallenge. They desire the feeling of monumental accomplishment that comes fromcracking a riddle, be it technological, artistic, social, or logistical. Theywant to work for the best! 2.

      Stimulate their minds.An InformationWeek survey of tens ofthousands of IT workers confirms that theory: On-the-job challenge ranks wellabove salary and other financial incentives as the key source of motivation.This is no surprise—since the pioneering work of Frederick Herzberg, managershave known that learning and being challenged motivate workers more than moneyor fear of disciplinarian bosses. 3.      Minimize hassles.In the creative economy, time is precious. And as much ascreative people like to feel challenged, they don’t want to have to surmountunnecessary obstacles.

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People who are preoccupied wondering “When can I fit intime at the gym?” or “Is that meeting going to waste my whole afternoon?” can’tbe entirely focused on the job at hand. The more distractions a company canremove, the more its employees can maximize their creative potential and, inturn, produce great work.4.      We’re All CreativeFew companies place as high a value on an egalitarianwork culture. There’s no artificial dichotomy between suits and creativebecause everyone there is a creative. The fact that the CEO still writes codeis well known. The willingness—even eagerness—of managers to roll up theirsleeves and delve into the “real” work of the organization sends an importantmessage: We are all on the same team, striving toward the same goal ofproviding a superior product.

5.      Keep the Customer SatisfiedUltimately, if you don’t build a product that people want(or, better yet, need), you won’t be around for long. It’s important to make sure peoplethroughout the organization hear customers’ voices loud, clear, and unfiltered—sothey’re as unambiguous as a stock quote.

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