1. Coca-Cola Company has established 42 canned beverage

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Last updated: December 31, 2019

 1.    Introduction:With the development of cloud computing and the arrival of Big Data age,social media which is a popular new area has become an important form of newmedia marketing. Social media can not only achieve more accurate delivery, butalso can reduce marketing costs and achieve creative marketing.

Social media isthe most successful precision marketing tools in China and many brands can drawa lot of conclusions by analyzing social media users. Coca-Cola Company canpass more personalized information to consumers through social media which is asubversion and innovation of the traditional advertising industry. Forinstance, the users of WeChat can make the advertising planning spread in theirfriends’ circle to attract more customers.2. Coca-Cola in China’sdevelopmentThe Coca-Cola Company was founded in 1886 which is the world’s largestbeverage company with 48% of the world’s market share. As early as the beginningof the 20th century, Coca-Cola has been available in Asia.

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In 1933, Coca-Colain Shanghai is the largest Coca-Cola factory except the factory in the UnitedStates, and in 1948 it was the first factory in the United States to producemore than one million boxes. In 1978, Coca-Cola returned to China and hasinvested US $ 1.1 billion in China. After more than 10 years of development,Coca-Cola Company has established 42 canned beverage factories in China,forming a radiation production base and sales network, with annual sales ofnearly 10 billion yuan.3. The reasons of choosing social media toimprove customer loyalty a. The trend of Big DataageBig Data age is based on cloud computing which can get more valuableinformation of the form of technology through analyzing a variety of data.

Atpresent, with the rapid spread of computers and mobile terminals, a lot ofvaluable information is produced every day. And people can quickly develop anduse of these data will master more potential consumption habits and consumerbehavior and in this way, they can grasp the advantages of marketing in the ageof Big Data.The traditional way of marketing is more focused on the coverage ofpeople’s attention, although the advertising information has been finally sentto audience, it inevitably led to the waste of advertising information and the problemsof audience matching. So social media has become a more favorable way ofmarketing, through the spread of experience marketing, advertising can makemore accurate which is not only effectively reduce the number of spamadvertisements but also allows consumers to emotional needs and marketingproducts, such as the connotation of direct docking, thereby increasing therate of return.

The arrival of large data age, in fact, is relying on the development ofnew media. In particular, with the construction of 4G network, the capacity of China’snetwork transmission is enhanced. And various forms of mobile terminals, such asmobile phones, tablet PCs, network television, notebooks and other rapidspread, a user often has multiple platforms.

The large data and cloud computingfor the technical titles of the web3.0 era has arrived. Countless users ofpersonal data, etc. will be passed through different channels to theenterprise, so that enterprises to achieve its precise analysis. And WeChatwith its huge number of users and the user’s high degree of activity has becomethe most valuable one of the database, will become a huge new media marketingresources.b.

The role and advantagesof social mediaSocial media has become an important part of the corporate networkmarketing strategy, and the social media has become an important part of thecorporate network marketing strategy. With the help of these, the social mediahas become an important part of the corporate network marketing strategy.Social media, businesses can listen to the voice of users, promote theirproducts, in the subtle influence to the customer. Social media usercharacteristics and its vigorous development, for the marketing has brought newopportunities. However, marketing to become part of the online social mediaecosystem must find the right combination of brand marketing and social mediacommunication.

Unlike traditional media, advertising is not the only way. Infact, social media as a platform to share and search for a product of view andevaluation, it is the most significant social media and a popular function.This Internet reputation is on the consumer’s purchase behavior has anincreasingly important impact. Recently more popular microblogging marketingand WeChat marketing has been the end of the mobile terminal marketing era”enterprises in the microblogging platform can be obtained through variouschannels million. 10 million fans, is to improve the brand awareness of themost effective most Fast means; and WeChat of the forced push function so thatinformation can be 100% to reach the target audience, while WeChat isone-on-one! Interactive private marketing platform, the enterprise through theWeChat with the user to more direct and in-depth communication. In the latter partof the product promotion and customer relationship maintenance is more superiorto other platforms.

Social media has become a part of our lives, and has also become part ofthe social economy. Its development made ordinary users of enterprises and brandshave a strong interest and also made more and more enterprises aware ofsocialization. However, the media also bring the full range of challenges, soit is really important to find opportunities for change and developmentstrategies based on social media marketing and there are many ways to do this,such as advertising, social e-commerce and the mobile terminal marketing. Throughthese forms, social media can accurately analyze the data to improve theaccuracy of information, and can be through social interaction, userself-generated content and other means to make e-commerce emergent development. 4. Coca-Cola uses social media marketingstrategies. A.

happy nickname bottleIn 2012, Coca-Cola launched a campaign called share A coke in Australia,and the names printed on Coke Bottle are the 150 most common names inAustralia.  Based on this activity, inthe summer of 2013, Coca-Cola in China launched a nickname bottle activitywhich printed many network nicknames on the bottle by regrading the social networkas the main platform. after the personalized nickname bottle customization, thecompany achieved seasonal sales of Coca-Cola than the previous year 20% growthover the same period, exceeding the expected sales growth target of 10%, andwon the full prize in China EFFIE AWARDS.    How did Coca-Cola Company do this? a.    The first step is takingthe use of media stars for content dissemination.May 28, 2013 Coca-Cola Company opened suspense warm-up marketing so thatthe cooperation of the media, stars, employees and loyal fans released a seriesof suspense pictures. And on May 29, they revealed the pictures to the wholenetwork.

Coca-Cola Company sent some special bottles to some of the influentialstars and popular people in social network with their name nickname printed andin order to achieve the effect of surprise, they didn’t inform the famouspeople before. So many stars and famous people posted some pictures with Coca-Colabottles on social media. b.    The second step ofactivities is around the spokesperson to continue the hot topic.On June 9 in Shenzhen, officially announced “happy nicknamebottle” summer activities started in Mayday concert. In the concert site,they placed custom nickname bottle machine which allowed customers to print theirown nickname bottle label.c.

    The third step is from thebasic necessities of life and other aspects of cross-border cooperation toachieve social e-commerce.    The cooperation with Sina wallet: theylaunched the seven-day activity to help customers make the nicknamebottles.  On the first day, they accepted300 bottles for customers and it only took one hour to sell out. On the nextday, 500 bottles were sold out in half an hour and the third day 900 bottlesonly took 5 Minute and later days all the bottles were sold out only took fewseconds.

The cooperation with happy bags: 24 bottles to sell together to meetthose who have a collection hobby.The cooperation with restaurants: offer the special bottle to thecustomers who are on their birthday.The cooperation with No. 1 shop: if the customers buy a certainbottles  of Coca-Cola, they  can make their own or friends nickname bottleon line.

B. Lyrics bottle     Since 2013 nickname bottles obtained word ofmouth and sales of great success, the summer of 2014 Coca-Cola company decidedto launch a lyrics bottle with the pop song lyrics printed on the bottle. The lyricsare based on social media after the analysis of big data, considering the different age, gender and personalitypreferences of the public. Under the boost of the lyrics bottle, the business grewby 9%, and in June 2014, the lyrics bottle in the same period compared with lastyear got double-digit growth on the basis of Coca-Cola brought 10% increase.They made the lyrics bottle just like the nickname bottle:a. They focus on the famous people on social network and the influentialstars to customize the product delivery and also take the use of star effectand social network influence to manufacture public opinions. For example, thereare many singing stars in social media released their photos with their lyricsbottles.b.

Through the social media to attract fans’ concern and then use thesocial media to spread the impact of the lyric bottles to more people. Forexample, people can use WeChat to scan Coca-Cola bottles on the exclusivetwo-dimensional code which will be able to hear the song corresponding to thelyrics, while consumers can also share the songs to the WeChat circle offriends. And this two-dimensional code way made the lyrics bottles more social andat the same time, it also makes Coca-Cola company won the WeChat users activetransmission.C. Movie lines bottle.Following the nickname bottle and lyrics bottle, the Coca-Cola companylaunched 49 kinds of different bottles printed with classic movie lines whichis called “movie lines bottle” in 2015.

 From all those marketing strategy of social media, we can learn aboutthe Coca-Cola company:a. The same line of marketing ideas and brand positioning. From thenickname bottle to the lyrics bottle and then to the movie lines bottle, we cansee that it is the marketing philosophy of the heritage of the Coca-ColaCompany. Through social media publicity, the bottle of socialization improved. b. Let the consumer take the initiative to achieve the transition fromimpressions to expressions. Coca-Cola Company fully understand the ideas andfeelings of target consumers so they to create a lot of topics through socialmedia to expand their influence.

c. Cooperate with social media, and use the network celebrity effect andfan effect to get word of mouth.

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