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1Tennyson, Alfred. “The Works of Alfred Lord Tennyson.”The lady of Shallot. Wordsworth Editions; New edition edition (5July 1994) Dueto a curse disallowing her to leave the tower or look out of the window,Tennyson demonstrates the Lady of Shallot’s entrapment of which understandablyimpinges her freedom. To add to this, The Lady of Shallot inhabits in anisolated tower, in an isolated village town whereby if she were to seek freedomshe would still be alone and entering a derelict area.

Within the poem, Tennysonrepeats the words ‘Camelot’1 (The Lady of Shallot, 1.5) And ‘Shallott'(The Lady of Shallot, 1.9)almost on every fifth line to emphasise the isolation of the lady within herremote tower in a remote town and draws comparisons between the two towns; onewhere there is so much life, contrasting with Shallot; a town of silence andloneliness where she is isolated from Camelot. The lady of Shallot further demonstrates her limited freedomthrough her limited speech, Tennyson arguably attempts to give the impressionof being unworthy of describing her own life. Furthermore, when she is allowedto speak she expresses her dismay with only being allowed to look out thewindow, exclaiming to be ‘half sick of shadows'(The Lady of Shallot, 2.71)Tennyson’s’Lady of Shallot’ centres on theentrapment of a lady due to a curse foreboding her to look out of the window.Firstly, Tennyson portrays the lady as unscathed by the curse as she weaves hertapestry happily, however, the happy impression changes throughout the poem, asthe lady desires to both look and be outside and thus demonstrating the feelingof isolation.

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Consequently, Tennyson portrays how impingements on freedom,resulting in both physical and mental entrapment, of which will always endtragically. Tennyson demonstrates how the Lady of Shallot’s surroundings act asan impingement, her curse acts as an impingement and the psychologicalisolation physically and emotionally act as an impingement on her freedom.

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