1: intelligent entrepreneur, and a successful business manager

1: Write a response to Trump’s recent ‘…hole’
statement about African countries. 


President, Trump,   I do believe that you
are an intelligent entrepreneur, and a successful business manager full of
potential. You run numerous successful companies which earn millions of dollars
per year. Also, I believe you are a great leader and a man of integrity;
truthfulness because you always speak your mind.  Though I admit the fact that some of the
African countries like Somalia  have been
shaped by poverty, corruption, and civil war, it is still unreasonable to refer
to Africa using a word such as “shitholes” which ridicules, humiliates and
disrespects an entire race.

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Africa is home to over a billion people and the continent with the
youngest average population in the world. Hence, you must never underestimate
the potential of the African people with such unsubstantiated and dehumanizing
characterization. In your address, you chose to ignore facts; some of the
African countries are among the world’s fastest-growing economies, like South
Africa, Morocco, and Rwanda, just to name a few.

I’m not saying you are racist, stupid or undiplomatic. I only stand to say that
you should not portray Africa based on a single story. Mr. President, don’t stereotype
or disregard the whole African continent. Even if your society or environment
taught you that Africa is a home to hunger and civil wars, that doesn’t mean it
is wholly true. The society you live in may not give you a holistic or an exact,
accurate image of Africa. Africa is more than a “shithole”. This naturally
gifted continent is even more than the wars, hunger, and corruption which you
and your bias western media usually capitalize on. Indeed my continent – Africa
– is a blessed continent, full of natural resources such as gold, diamond, and
petroleum and you name the rest. It is indeed an unimaginable ungratefulness
that you as the President of the USA – which economy and infrastructure were
largely built from the sweat, blood, and resources of the black people, as
history informed us.

2: Choose any source and research its background to
assess how trustworthy a source it is.

I would like to choose source A, David Hume 1711-1776,
writing in the 18th century, to evaluate if it is fully trustworthy or not .The
author of this source has a solid academic background of philosophy. He
graduated from university of Edinburg, in Scotland. He studied on his
university by natural law, human nature, and philosophy. Also, the source hasn’t
been updated since, 1711, 1776.   Thus, the author mentioned on his source,
“There never was any civilized nation of any other complexion than white. No ingenious
manufactures among them, no arts, no sciences.” David).
Which means from my understanding that there was no civilization around the
world beside the white nation.  ,while
source E: ‘The Dagon, the Nommos and Syrius B’ mentioned ,that
Dagon , a west Africa tribe ,lives in Mali discovered that the Star Sirius has
a companion star which is invisible to the human eye, without technology ,where
eventually the scientists call a Sirius B. Thus, this source sounds that
Africans were civilized, creative, primitive, and genius people, indeed. Eventually,
this led me to ask myself, does David Hume has the authority to write this piece
of writing ?It seems he didn’t study History ,human race ,and Arts at all
,therefore ,I’m not saying he doesn’t know anything about History or Arts ,but
it  made me  to trust this source less ,because he doesn’t
have any educational background about the issue he mentioned .



 How far do Source A to G agree in regard to their
perceptions of African?

Validate your answer.


 From my unperfected
 understanding of this Source, the David Hume,
it states Cleary that Negroes, the black African people, and in general all
other of men, to be naturally inferior to the white’s .It implies that the
whites has brought up on this earth the true civilization ,but not anyone
contribute civilization .Thus ,it emphasises that no any individual or
ingenious manufacture could even  bring such
creative ideas like the whites did .This source claimed that they would be such
uncivilized, full of unconscious people who couldn’t even come up such ideas
like the white did .It also claims that the world wouldn’t modernized, developed
 as it is today ,if nature wouldn’t make
this original distinction among human being based on nature .It truly implies
that nature made whites such superior ,while the others regardless of being
Brown ,Black or brown identified as inferior .While the other source G , the
film ,reveals that there is  a tribe
lived in a desert ,they lived simple lives full of happiness ,jubilation, without
 , violence ,and turmoil .They lived in a
dessert ,where the water was stupidly insufficient .They didn’t seen an
airplane nor car before .They don’t use clothes that covered their whole body .amble
water . The society loved ,cared each other ,where even the little kids used to
laugh so much ,and playing with each other awesomely .This society used to even
give a warm welcome each other ,as greeting when they met .Unfortunately ,  as soon mystery truck comes in to their remote
village , bad things come out .Two young brothers lost , while is father a tremendous
time of seeking them .The children hav’t eaten for more than days . lost his
two son. A hyena was about to eat his son, but survived . One day, something
looks like a bottle is thrown out of an airplane and falls of earth unbroken .



 The film begins by presenting the stark
differences between the “primitive” culture of the aboriginal Xhosa-speaking
Bushmen and the “modern,” technologically-superior culture of the modern world.
The Kalahari desert is a foreboding place, the film states, yet the “little
people” who call it home live simple lives without law, violence, or turmoil.
This quiet, uncomplicated life is juxtaposed against the fast-paced,
complicated world of technology by the arrival of none other than an empty Coca-Cola
bottle. (The symbolism here is unhidden.) The appearance of the new object,
something that Nature Herself could not provide, brings strife to the small
tribe, inciting coveting, jealousy, and even conflict to the once peaceful
community. Xi, a village leader and the original discoverer of the “evil
thing,” begins a long quest to remove the bottle and the troubles it causes
from his society


 ne day, a glass Coca-Cola bottle is thrown out of an airplane and falls to Earth
unbroken. Initially, Xi’s people suppose this strange artifact is another
“present” from the gods and find many uses for it
















 philosophy   He became a candidate for the chair
of moral philosophy at Edinburgh in 1744.
Objectors alleged heresy and even atheism. https://www.britannica.com/biography/David-Hume. This source isn’t bias also, David
Hume, (born May 7 April 26, Old Style, 1711, Edinburgh, Scotland—died August 25, 1776, Edinburgh), Scottish philosopher,
historian, economist, and essayist known especially for his philosophical empiricism and skepticism.




Fieser, James. Http://Www.iep.utm.edu/Hume/#H1,
1874, 1875 , 2 Apr. 1874,


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