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 1.IntroductionNowadays , the life is modern and developing, unhealthy foodis sold universally such as fast food,Sausage ,energy dinks ,etc …   so that makes people have more and moreproblems about health. One of those is obesity which gets becoming popular inmany countries specially developed countries.

Obesity is related to numerous diseases such as heartdisease, diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol and other diseases.Moreover, overweight people have difficulties in studying and participating insocial activities . excessive fat accumulation that may impair health.  According to the World Health Organization (WHO), in 2016, about 1.9billion people in the age 18 and over are overweight, included 38% of men androughly 40% of women. Overall,the proportion of  obese adult in allover the world was about 13% in 2016 (WHO 2017). James Chapman’s survey carried out that currently,more than 400000 people die each year in Europe associated with obesity(Chapman 2014). From the figures it is apparent that obesity results ina negative impact on health.

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This research paper, with the purpose to help reduce obesity proportionwill discuss the causes of esiesity and figure out the solutions to thisserious issue.2.1 Definition and Background Overweight andobesity are defined by the WHO as abnormal or excessive fat accumulation thatpresents a risk to an individuals health. Body mass index (BMI) is a measure ofweight proportionate to height to classify overweight and obesity in adults.Itis defined as a person’s weight in kilograms divided by the square of hisheight in meters (kg/m2) ; a BMI of 25 to 29.9 is considered overweight, whileanything over 30 is obese accordingto the World Health Organization .

Overweight will lead to numerous diseasesuch as diabetes,heart disease, high blood pressure, cancer (women:  breast cancer,colon, gallbladder, and uterus; men:  colon cancer and prostatecancers)…(Standf ) There are some facts about obesity. In theUnited States America , the figure of adults who are obese or overweightwitnessed more than approximately 66.67 percent in 2017. Obesity which causesmore than 2.

8 million people passed away each year is one of top five resultingin the death in the whole world (Kimberly Holland, 2017).       2.2. Causes of obesity  2.2.1. Unbalanced diets        One of the mainreasons leading to overweight is unbalanced diets, that meaning the meals have low nutritional value.

Inrecent years, life is faster and people tend to be busier; so that they eat farmore fast food  than in the past, whichmeans that they may increase their total calories consumed. Nowadays, childrendo not like eating vegetables and fruits or drinking fresh juices, neither doadults. They eat fast food and drink more soft drinks because of itsconvenience – typicallyneeding little or no preparation, which they can buy easily everywhere with acheap price and totally enjoy meal at the same time during working or studying.  The unbalanced meals always provide people more caloriesthan usual. In fact, the average physically active man needs only about 2,500calories a whole day to maintain a healthy weight, and the average physicallyactive woman needs about 2,000 calories for one day. For example, according toa journalist of CNN named Caleb Hellerman, approximately 25% of American get200 or more calories from energy drinks such as coke, soda and juice.Surprisingly, a 567-gram soda includes 227 calories, more than 10% of totalcalories a woman needs one day (Hellerman 2013).      2.

2.2. Lack ofphysical activitiesOne think about of BBC News by Adam Brimelow appeared thatin spite of the fact that there are no signs of activeness impacts on weight,children with intemperate weight did less work out than peers (Brimelow 2010).In 2010, WHO detailed that roughly 23% of individuals matured 18 and over werelacking work out (WHO 2010).

Many individuals are not exceptionally physicallydynamic. The reason makes individuals to be dormant is the progression ofinnovation and the need of parks, inadequately wear offices or discusscontamination for individuals to unwind and do more open air exercises afterworking and examining. Close to that, the improvement of TV sets, not as itwere children but moreover develop individuals like observing TV to unwind and broadenintellect; thus, they spend less time playing sports and going exterior. In thesame way, computers are getting to be supportive gadgets that staff can totaltheir works with the as it were prerequisite is sitting before the screens.

People who are inactive are more likely to gain weightbecause they do not burn the calories that they take in from food and drinks. Thus, the rate of inactive people may increases and bringsabout the growth of obesity.  2.1.3.

Other reasonOne thing we should know about the reason which results inobesity is lack of sleep . People nowadays are engaged in their work anddisrespect their sleeps. Normally, they think that shortage of sleep has noinfluence on their weight. But Jason Koebler – an author of USNews emphasizedthat sleep loss leads people to expend more energy because they need more tokeep their bodies awake.

(Koebler 2013 – cited Kenneth Wright). For example, one study ofteenagers showed that with each hour of sleep lost, the odds of becoming obesewent up. So lack of sleep increases the risk of obesity in other age groups aswell.Peoplewho sleep fewer hours also seem to prefer eating foods that are higher incalories and carbohydrates, which can lead to overeating, weight gain, andobesity    2.3. Solutions ofobesity              2.3.

1. Havingbalanced dietsThere are bunch arrangements to unravel weight but one ofthe fundamental causes of weight indulging. Consequently, the to begin witharrangement given here is having a solid eat less.

As the figures specified in2.1.1, the sum of calories ingested human require in a day is diverse; in especially,the sum of calories that men devour each day is roughly 1800 calories, whileladies require atleast 1200 calories (Morris 2015).

Having a sound eat less notas it were makes a difference control weight but moreover makes a differenceindividuals battle this infection. A considerable dinner comprises of inclineprotein, natural products, vegetables, entirety grains makes a difference keepyour resistant framework and stomach related framework running (Truex 2015).Leslie Truex said eating a adjusted count calories nourishment makes adifference the body work at ideal levels. Snacks give a part of vitality butfrequently have a part of fat. Sugar and refined carbohydrates can lead totired stagnation (Leslie Truex 2015). Be that as it may, a sensible countcalories ought to come with strength.. If people do not desert their habit toset new eating habits they will return to their old  and the weight will come back.

In the sameway, to improve overweight, having a reasonable diet and limited snacks along withperseverance is essential.2.3.2.Doing more physicalactivities                  Having a great eat less is not sufficient to decayoverweight. To accomplish tall execution a slim down levelheadedness combinedwith valuable exercises. Betty Holt has composed an article in executingphysical movement is regularly utilized as strolling, running, cycling andswimming (100 calories burned identical to approximately 10gram of fat to walk20 minutes, 12 minutes of swimming or tennis, 8 minutes cycling or running)(Betty Holt 2014). Be seen from there, but as it were with straightforwardoperation but devours a huge sum vitality of the body.

In expansion, work outdischarges a few chemicals into the brain that offer assistance diminish push,uneasiness and discouragement. Advance work out increments your sentiments ofcertainty, and moves forward temperament and thought forms (Otto 2011). On theother hands, in later year, for burning calories individuals can do a few basicworks out at domestic based on video direct online in 5-30 minutes depend oneach unit. This slant is increasingly prevalent since its gives the samesuccessful as preparing in the gym for an hour.

2.3.3. Other solutionSleephelps maintain a healthy balance of the hormones that make you feel hungry(ghrelin) or full (leptin). When people do not get enough sleep, the level ofghrelin goes up and the level of leptin goes down. This makes people feelhungrier than when they well-rested. So that, a healthy timetable is important,not only balance diet but also time for sleep.

In fact, people need to sleep atleast 7 hours per day to have a full energy for working or studying whole day.Sleepingis a vital part of the foundation for good health, well-being throughout yourlifetime, and also helps to prevent many diseases, including diseases relatedto obesity.3. Conclusion The above analysis has shown that being obese is an considerableissue that we should care more. It has developed rapidly in recent years andaffected a lot on people, who live negatively. Some obese people blamed theirweight problems for genetics, but that is not always the case.

There areseveral subjective reasons bring about excessive weight such as diets, physicalactivities. Therefore, obesity is a preventable disease. If you are at risk oroverweight, you should adjust your eating habits ( e.g : adding your mealhealthy food but including fewer calories) or increase physical activitiesdaily. To have attractive body and better health, let’s do it right now.

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