1. of physical activities throughout the stay. 3.allow

1. Oral odor due
to forgetfulness related to depression.

1.resident be
well groomed and dressed properly with no body odors during the stay.

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resident assistance and daily reminders to brush the teeth/bathing etc.

1.slowed thinking
and forgetfulness can make simple tasks harder.

2.risk of skin
impairment due to hyperthyroidism

2. make sure
resident show no skin injuries through the stay

2.limit the
residents salt consumption

2. to lower
tissue edema.

intolerance due to facet of medication related to high blood pressure.

3. Make sure
resident display tolerances for the duration of physical activities
throughout the stay.

3.allow the
resident take longer time frame to finish the task

3.this aids in
increasing activity tolerance.

4. risk of falls
due to aches related to hip replacement.

encounter no falls in the course of the stay

4., relocate the
resident to a closer room to the nurses station

4. by means of
moving  nurses can offer assistance
when required.

5.disturbed sleep
styles due to fatigue related to depression.

5.make sure
resident sleeps four to six hours per  day.

5.encorage the client
to relax for duration after a bodily activity.

5.fatigue after
activity can worsen feeling of depression.

6. risk of
infection due to decreased leukocyte characteristics related to diabetes

6.prevent threat
of infection of the resident through the stay.

6.educate the
resident and promote correct hand hygiene

6. great manner
to prevent infection and cross contamination is through performing hand

7. Risk for
self-directed harm due to suicidal attempts related to depression, anxiety
and worthlessness.

7. Ensure
resident does no harm feeling self-destructive or for others during the stay.

7. Assess the
level of suicidal foresights,(HADS) . Whether it’s high or low.

7.the usage of
assessments tools determines the level of depression.

8.impaired social
interplay due to feelings of worthlessness related to depression.

8.ensure resident
interacts with friends and family throughout the stay.

8.direct the client
to self –assist groups or organizations.

groups can assists the client to insight and study the stories of others revel

9.restlesness due
to anxiety related to depression

9. make sure that
resident keeps a clam repute through  the stay.

9. While working
with the client, ensure to be calm and non threatening nature

9. resident feels
more comfortable in presence with a peaceful natured care taker.


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