1. of psychology, therefore, he easily reads people.

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 1.    Organizational PlanPart by Part method fits more naturally with my text because by analyzing each section(in my case, episodes) it will give the readers a clear idea of what is the film about and help them to plunge into the story so that they can feel like they are a part of it. I think it is the way that would encourage the audience to start watching the show in order to find out what will happen next.In my opinion, the best way of organizing the body paragraphs is by following these 5 steps. Step number one – topic sentence claim. It helps to present the content of the paragraph and relates to the thesis.

The second step is an explanation. It provides information or explanation of the main idea. The third one is evidence. Here I will put examples, details, and information that will illustrate and explain my point. I think a good idea is to put images to help the audience to create that picture of what happening in their head. The fourth step is interpretation. To make my evidence clearer and support my claim I would add quotation – words of the characters.

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It would help to make my text alive. And the last step is the conclusion. Here is the final sentence I would show my central point and what is also important I would  try to make it as a transition to the next paragraph.

2.     ThesisThetopic of the text is the man(the mentalist) who has truly phenomenal powers ofobservation that help him in revealing the most complex and complicated cases.He has serious knowledge of psychology, therefore, he easily reads people. Theclaim, in this case, will be not just to encourage them to watch an interestingshow but also to tell them how a person having such abilities as the maincharacter does can control the thoughts of people and with ease to discloseinvestigations.

  Thedraft of thesisHowPatrick Jane manages so cleverly to disclose the murders? By watching firstthree episodes ( “The Pilot”, “Red Hair and Silver Tape”,”Red Tide”) it makes clear that his ability to mark and connect thedetails makes him different from others. 3.     Topic SentencesInthe first paragraph, I will make an introduction of what the show is about. Iwould describe the main idea of it and would make a smooth transition into mythesis. A  good idea is to ask readers aquestion that will relate to my thesis. In the second paragraph by describingthe first three episodes I would first show the readers interest and secondlywill make my thesis clear by answering the question.  And in the third paragraph, I would answerthe thesis’s question and make a conclusion.

Here I have two goals – to open myidea (make it clear) to readers and to tell them about the show they can findinteresting. 4.     Example of IntroductionInthe team of the California Bureau of Investigation (CBD) are only the best ofthe best. The most experienced investigators, the smartest analysts, andcriminologists take even the most seemingly hopeless cases. But even amongthese unique professionals stands out a mentalist – Patrick Jane.

Has a trulyphenomenal power of observation that helps him in discovering the most complexand difficult cases. He sees others through and possessing a profound knowledgeof psychology and great intuition often provides the Agency with invaluablehelp. All along the show, I was asking myself what makes him really successfulin his job, why others cannot do what he can? My goal is to answer thisquestion by making a detailed observation of the story and I want to welcomeyou to start this journey with me.

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