1. running into an old friend who worked

an eBook, Physical book or audiobook:

There were
times in past when the publisher decides what the audience must read & what
not. Sometimes these created a huge loss of opportunities for the writers who
go on from ringing doorbell to doorbell to get their first book published. Some
of the best manuscripts are left behind in the dusky attics of unknown history.

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The finest
example is of  Dr. Seuss, author of more
than 60 children’s book which includes Green Eggs and Ham, his
bestseller and The Cat in the Hat. During publishing of his first book And
to Think That I Saw It on Mulberry Street he suffered an immense rejections
from publishing houses, unimaginably 27 times. Later on by his sheer luck of
running into an old friend who worked for a publishing house got his first book
to be published.

Then, the
times were different. But with unpredictable intervention of digital media to
the publishing sector around 1990, publishing a book in the form of eBooks was
as simple as uploading a file over to internet with a single click of mouse.
The superiority of digital media over tradition publishing is due to three main

Lower prices of book, as there is no wastage of
ink or pages.

Worldwide market and specified targeting of
audiences with ads.

Easier portability and accessibility on wide
range of electronic medias.

Some of the
best know online eBook publishers are Amazon Kindle, CreateSpace, Blurb,
Kobo and Lulu. People who are already engaged in online tutoring,
Blogging and as YouTubers has easier market to target these eBook amongst the
students or fan followings. These online publishers also provide the authors
with video, webinars, eBook guidance in regarding book cover setup, best title
selection and marketing analysis with advertising. If the audience like the
concept then your book will be hit in no time.

Once your
book has gained some recognition and fame then you will be approached by
publishers to get your eBook to be sold as physical book. Some prefer creating
an audiobook which is also great alternative as audience can listen to the
creation in your voice and emotions.

Publishing houses
(including epublishers) publishes the book and brings it to the audience in a
readable format. The audiences who wants to read the book, buy it from the
publishers. For each book sold author gets a percentage in the form of Royalty
from the publisher. Thus, once the author has done with an upfront work of
composing his creation, he can earn a lifetime passive income effortlessly.

Some of well
know self-publishing authors with their eBooks: Locked In by Kerry
Wilkinson, Trylle Trilogy by Amanda Hocking, Candles on the Sand
by Katie Stephens etc. Some author who gained world-wide recognition from their
books: The Adventure of Sherlock Holmes by Arthur Canon Doyle, The
Lion The Witch and the Wardrobe by C.S Lewis, The Time Machine by
H.G Wells, To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee.

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