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Last updated: June 27, 2019

1.     Introduction Webranking  for educational websites is arecent practice  when the birth of openaccess magazines  and repositories  seeking to reach an increasing number of readers,encourage the E- learning and research repository therefore  University web sites in many countries areincreasingly used for a wide variety of purposes, from attracting new studentsto providing online library catalogues. In terms of research, university web sites can announce the existenceand promote the achievements of individuals, research groups, institutes anddepartments that let the common commodity for educational websites is highnumber of visitors  similarly in ecommerce websites always seeking for brand  and profit through high number of customer  hence   The behavior of visitors needs attention  to become a more productive source of visitor leads,visitor  satisfaction, purchase-relatedactivities, and brand equity.

Thisthesis draws from the field of web analytic, Web Analytics has become a veryimportant component of many web based system educational environment and helpsin taking decisions.  It deals with themethods for measurement, data collection, data analysis and providing therelated feedback on internet for the motive of understanding behavior of thecustomer using website. The benefit of studying behavior of the customer leadsto optimize the usage of web site and bring more visitor that help in rankingfor universities and  improve websitesthere requires a deep level of creativity, imagination, analysis, balancinguser-centric design, promotions, content, images and more. This researchdisplays the Search engine optimization approach as important resources forfinding information in the web  and givesa practical review of web search metrics from a user satisfaction point of view.

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Universityof Khartoum has important  Digitalcontent is unit in network and Information technology department , this unitconcerned with  repository of researchfor all degrees and faculty ,schools ,institutions and centers (2000 records),responsible from update and administrate all the u of k websites (about 104 website) ,and (22 journals) also  update and administrate  E -learning management system , and data baseof  academic staff (2000 staff ) . Therich content, reputation and old history of University of Khartoum is one of reasonsto achieve the first rank in webmetrics  ranking  in 2015,2016,2017 .   This thesis presents Backyard research which   involve studying researchers own organization,The researcher’s role in the study  is beinga   webmaster in digital content, at thesame time as using proven qualitative research methods to articulatechallenges, while investigating solutions and applying Web analytical tools  such as Google master tools  were used to track performance and key metricswere developed that indicated user behavior and areas for usabilityimprovements. The result of research will help to achieve genuine understandingabout visitors that can drive strategic differentiation and sustainablecompetitive advantage.

       2.     Motivationand problem statement Theproblem behind this research ,most developer focused on design andattractiveness factors to bring the visitors ;  yes it is important ,but also there areanother main factors effect on number of visitor such as search engineoptimization and usability of websites . Thepurpose of this  research is to explorethe visibility factor of university of Khartoum( as the main factor ofwebmetrics 50%) between  the selected  web metric, we will analyze the overall websites , the researcher examines 11 websites (subdomain from u of k )  the  higher  visibilitywebsite  and  another lower visibility .

 3.     Theobjectives of research: ·        first, tounderstand the current  practice and toidentify key crateria  for Web performancemethods, metrics and techniques that exist, a literature review, analysis and synthesiswill be conducted.·        In a secondstep analytic tools will be investigated and evaluated in order to get anoverview of the existing functionalities and scopes such tools have and thetype of methods they sup·        The third  objective to implement an effective process for  education Web  Ranking  evaluation   4.     Scopeof research: Thisthesis aims to broaden the focus of academic websites research by addressing U ofK websites guidance towards selecting appropriate tools and methods for Web evaluation.It further seeks to assist   university to implement an effective processfor Web analysis. Special attention is thereby given to the main website thatoperate information website and most visited, The scope is not to give detailedguidelines for the Web Usage, but to provide an overview of current practices.On this basis Web evaluation  isdeveloped that guides the development and maintaining of a reliable, usable andsustainable Web performance . It should assist university to gain a clearoverview of what  the  area relevant aspects need to be addressed.

    5.     Challengeof research ·        As known Googleanalytics is   comprehensive and free tool for web analysis ,unfortunatethe GA  is illicit form Sudan country soresearcher  used  just google master tools  foroptimization .·        Some of toolsthat recommended by webetrics foundation ex. Majestic SEO is not free .

for thesubscription 6.     Themethodology of research: The researchflows mixed method methodology, which is an approach to inquiry research thatcombines or associates both qualitative and quantitative forms. Collecting andanalyzing both types of data that make us use the benefit and strength of bothapproaches. The researcher adds qualitative method within quantitative methodin embedded design to enhance the overall design and answer secondary researchquestion from qualitative study. 7.     Research Questions and Hypothesis Therelationships of the web metrics are examined towards the number of total click(visit) Some web metrics are expected to be correlated more closely with thetotal number of click  H1 : links tosite has significant correlation with total click factor.

H2 : links tosite has  no significant correlation withtotal click factor. Thefollowing research question was divided into main question and supportingquestion .Themain research question for this thesis draws closely from the proposedimportance of adopting key metrics. RQ1:Which web metrics are most closely connected with website total click? Thesupporting research question for the thesis is: RQ 2:”Whydo our visitors do the things they do, and what is their motivation forengaging with  u of k website? Inaddition to the relationship analysis, this thesis proposes how website trafficwas effected by other reasons , some of it non-technical reason.  1.     Structureof thesis  Thisthesis consists of 6 chapters, is structured in the following way:Chapter1: Introduction  describe the background and the researchmethodology, dive in deeper into the concepts of  web metrics and provide a conclusion to the above outlined research questions.

Thissection briefly describes the content of those chapters. Chapter2: literaturereviewreviewexisting literature in the areas of websites, educational Web performance andwebsite ranking (webmetrics) in general and Web Analytics in particular. Theyrepresent the theoretical model of this thesis and provide the basis for theframework beside introducing the tool of evaluation .

Chapter3: researchmethodology  and design Chapter 4:  implementation Conduct on the uofk website  case study and  introduces the new frameworkfor the role of web metric analysis in website development and evaluation.Chapter5:  Discussion finally brings together the previouslyobtained findings. On their basis a process  for evaluation for  university of Khartoum  also gives recommendations for possible future Chapter6 : is the final chapter and summarizes the findings of this research study .

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