1 this innovation is to improve security methods and

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1 SantanaIRIS RECOGNITION SYSTEMHamlet Santana2a. The Iris recognition system is a technology considered a form of biometric verification, which is any means by which a person can be identified by the evaluation of one or more biological traits. The purpose of this innovation is to improve security methods and to prevent the unauthorized access of people to personal devices such as computers or mobile devices.

My artifact is a video that explains the process and the function of my computing innovation, by using many different videos describing it. This video shows us how unique the iris recognition process is, and how safe this technology is.2b. Using Sony Vegas, clicking the icon “import media” and choosing the downloaded videos and song, I clicked “open” to store them in Sony Vegas.

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I dragged them to the video track and the song to the song track, located below the icon “project media”, at the bottom. I adjusted the starting point of each video (“trim event start” located at the left of each video) and the ending point of each video (“trim event end” located at the right of each video). Then in “Media Generators”, clicking “Titles and Text”, I created and adjusted all the text and dragged them. 2c. The iris recognition system is the most accurate recognition system.

A test made by the National Institute of Standards & Technology, states that from a crowd of 92 people; 90 to 99 percent of the time the iris of the person matched. The iris recognition proved to be more accurate and safe than other recognition systems. The accuracy of this system is due to the fact that every person’s iris is different, including twins. The iris of a person’s eye does not change over time, so the system works all the time.One of the harmful effects from this technology is that if the infrared radiation caused by the system when it is exposed, leads to eye discomfort and can lead to cataract.

The lens of the eye is very sensitive to this radiation. This effect of the radiation can create dizziness or pain after the use of the iris scanner. The technology has the ability to cause burns on the retina, corneal opacity, or cataract. Another effect is that if the user has an eye disease, the iris scanner might not work as accurate as it should, making the iris recognition system fail. A study from the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health examined the effects of eye diseases on iris recognition.

The experiment involved 54 patients. Results showed that the performance of iris recognition was remarkably to most ophthalmic disease states. The recognition system failed to accurately recognize the iris of many of the patients.

2d. This system works by taking a picture of the iris of a person’s eye using a high resolution digital camera at visible or infrared wavelengths. Then the system works in the finding of the concentric circular outside boundaries of the iris and pupil.

After this process is done, the pixels that cover the iris on the image taken, are transformed into a bit pattern with the information, called the IrisCode. Finally, when a user tries to identify himself, the stored patterns of the iris of the eye, using a computer program called matching engine, which compares2 Santanamillions of images per second; compares this patterns with images that are stored in a database. After it is stored in the database it proceeds to determine whether the IrisCode resulting from the scan and a stored IrisCode template are from the same iris. The data is now secure because if the IrisCode is not from the same iris, the process will fail and you will have to try with the person that has the iris stored. This recognition system brings up many different security concerns around the world. Databases get hacked many times, and all the different patterns and images are stored inside databases. This technology raises privacy and ethical concerns about data security, because people fear of their data being exposed.

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