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1S.L Bandarkar Dhanpat Rai & co (Eds.), VehicleTransport Management. Automation of bus transport has been gaining moreimportance because they provide accurate information of buses like reservation,air charges, route information, bus information etc anyplace and anytime. 2 BUS TRANSPORT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM Miss Dongare T* 1 , Handeshweta2 , Pawar Megha3 , Jadhav Pooja4& Jadhav Sonika5 * 1-5ComputerEngineering, Jaihind Polytechnic, Kuran, Pin-412403, India). It describes about the significance ofbus transporation facility in the institution for student safety and efficienttransporatation , It is developed asa software such that everyone working in college bus management canhandle easily.

3 COLLEGETRANSPORTATION MANAGEMENT SYSTEM BASED ON ANDROID GPS SYSTEM FOR EFFICIENTLYLOCATE THE BUSES FOR STAFF & STUDENTS Shubham Sethi*, Yash Udawat, ShreyasGupta, Shivanshu Nagarkar * Computer Science & Engineering, AcropolisInstitute of Technology & Research, Indore. It is a GPS based android applicationwhich causes the user  to find thevehicle by sending only a SMS. The application track the present area of theclient through the Google maps API and it gives this area to the messagesender, sender can utilize this area to discover where the vehicle is despitethe fact that he isn’t utilizing any web association.4G.

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Raja, D. Naveen Kumar,G. Dhanateja    ,G. V. Karthik, Y.  Vijay Kumar, “BusPosition monitoring system to facilitate the passengers,” International Journalof Engineering Science and Advanced Technology(IJESAT),Volume-3, Issue-3, pp:132-135, 2014It use the remote correspondence (GSM – GPS innovation give thedata about number of seats accessible in the transport and send the data to thetransportation station if any issue happen in the bus.

It have proposed aproductive and dependable transport data and administration framework in lightof GIS incorporated in android versatile application.5 International Journal for Research inApplied Science & Engineering Technology (IJRASET) ©IJRASET: All Rights areReserved 372 Smart Bus Tracking and Management System using Iot Sridevi. K 1 ,Jeevitha.

A2 , Kavitha.K3 , Narmadha.K4 , Sathya.K5. In many Colleges, studentsand staffs are not aware of exact timing and location of the college bus.

Sothey have planned to implement a smart bus tracking system for easy transportfacility using IOT. With  this application,students or staffs be able to locate the bus at any time when they need thecollected data is retrieved and processed by the server using an applicationthat we installed College bus transport system having many buses and thatprovides students and staffs for convenient travel from the long distances.

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