1. to work on use of an Online

1.    Introduction            Maintain student record, maintain record who borrow books, late returnfine, online book issue, information of every book, login id billing.maintainlist of those books which are not available and maintain the record of thosebooks which are borrowed by the student.Then librarian will chek the id andthen allow him for issuing books.I planned to work  on use of an Online Library ManagementSystem. This system IS used by the members either they are students orprofessors of that University/College for checking the availability ofbooks.The capabilities and ease provided by a Library are focused by the onlinesystem.1.

1  PurposeThe purpose of (SRS)stands forSoftware Requirements Specification documentation is to explain the externalbehavior of the online library system.Requirement specification explainsquality assurance,operations,performance and interface requirements of theonline library system.Documentation also defines the non-functionalrequirements,design constraints and other factors which are necessary  for software.1.2    1.

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3  ScopeTheSoftware Requirements Specification collect all the requirements in a single page.The purpose of online librarysystem is to provide the facility for the member and books of library withinformation ,books information that thees books are available or not which isrequired by student.Theonline library system has following features;2.      The OnlineLibrary Management System provide log in facility.3.      Throughthis System there is facility for the members that they can blocking the booksonline.4.       5.

      The Systemprovide the facility for members of library to check their accounts and canchange their passwords of account during working in Library.      The System provide the facility  to the library’s staff  to record that how many books are borrowed bythe members and whether thy can borrow moe books or not.6.      The Systemprovide the facility to update the billing system for  member when he/she borrows or returns thebooks.7.      Thissystem creats The automated book catalog decision for offering books category is done automatically.8.      The Systemprovide the facility for an order department which add/remove the book from library.

8.1    1.3  Definitions, Acronyms, and Abbreviations.Providethe definitions of all terms, acronyms, and abbreviations required to properlyinterpret the SRS.  This information maybe provided by reference to one or more appendices in the SRS or by referenceto documents. This information may be provided by reference to an Appendix. 1.5  OverviewThislibrary system shows online book issu and maintain the record of books andavailbility of books Also shows the detail of books that which is available ornot .

And facilitate to user about books in library.If book is not avail inlibrary then this system shows that book is not avail in library  2.  The Overall Description2.1  Product PerspectiveThe Online Library System is usedby Libraries to improve the efficiency and working of Librarians, Libraryemployees and the Users. The Online Library System that is going to bedeveloped is very beneficial for the members and the Librarian of college andlibrarian of any other institute. It provides books catalog and all necessaryinformation to members and it is very helpful for them that the members to decide the books to borrow from the libraryor not acourdig to desire. The books catalog is updated by the librarian allthe time so that the members (students and the professors and any other person)get the updated information  all thetime.

 Thecomplete overview of the system is as shown in the overview diagram below: Theproduct to be developed has interactions with the following ;                      Users: Librarian:Memberswho are the students and professors of the college; Theproduct has to interact with other systems like: Internet, Billing System andthe college Information Security System.   Billing System                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       iub Information Security System                    Librarian                                                                                    The Proposed Online Library ManagementSystem Internet        UsersOverviewof the proposed system  2.1.1Operations:ü  Addthe records of book.ü  Maintainthe records of book issue.

ü  Updatethe record of bookü  The record should be selected using the userID2.1.2Site Adaptation Requirements:                This site allow the cookie on theclient from server to keep the address.            It is the client server based system.            The site can be easily handled andunderstand able to us.            The site can be easily can run onchrome, Mozilla.2.2Product Functions(1)    Theinformation about the books available in the Library and the user informationis provided by the online library system.

The Product functions are more orless the same as described in the product perspective. The functions of thesystem include the system providing different type of services based on thetype of users Member/Librarian.  (2)  Updatedinformation about the books must be provided to the members for their facility.(3)  If all theother required rules hold good, then the members have the provision to borrowthe books if they want.(4)  The memberhas the permission to check his account information and change the accountinformation any time.(5)  Themembers are provided with the books available roster and allowed to choose thebooks, which they want to use in the coming up days.(6)  Thelibrarian can get the information about the members who have borrowed orreturned the books.(7)  Thelibrarian is provided with interfaces to add/delete the books available in thebook catalog.

(8)  The finemust be imposed on those members if they returns the book after specific time.·        Thesystem uses the college information security requirements to provide the loginfacility to the users. 2.

3User CharacteristicsThemembers, librarian of the college and the administrators who maintain thesystem for the users of the online library system. The members and thelibrarians are supposed to have basic knowledge and information about thecomputers and Internet browsing. The administrators of the system are assumedto have more knowledge of the internals of the system and is able to solve thesmall problems that may arise because of power failure, disk crashes and otherharmful problems to maintain the system. The proper user interface, user’smanual, online help and the guide to install and maintain the system must besufficient to educate the users on how to use the system without any problemsin easy way.  2.4General Constraints(1)  Theinformation of all the users must be stored in a database that is accessible bythe Online Library System. (2)  Thecollege information security system must be compatible with the Internetapplications.(3)  The OnlineLibrary System is connected to the college computer and is running all 24hours.

(4)  The usersaccess the Online Library System from any computer that has Internet browsingcapabilities and an Internet connection. (5)  Thebilling system is connected to the Online Library System and the database usedby the billing system must be compatible with the interface of the OnlineLibrary System. Theusers must have their correct usernames and passwords to enter into the OnlineLibrary System2.5Assumptions and Dependencies(1)  The usersshould have sufficient knowledge of computers.(2)  Thecollege computers should have Internet connection and Internet servercapabilities.(3)  The usersknow the English language, as the user interface will be provided in English.

(4)  Theproduct can access the college student database.   3.  Specific RequirementsThiswill be the largest and most important section of the SRS.  The customer requirements will be embodiedwithin Section 2, but this section will give the D-requirements that are usedto guide the project’s software design, implementation, and testing.Thespecific requirement is very necessary for any system to show his performancesome of specific requirements are described below: Eachrequirement in this section should be:·        Correct·        Traceable(both forward and backward to prior/future artifacts)·        Unambiguous·        Verifiable(i.e., testable)·        Prioritized(with respect to importance and/or stability)·        Complete·        Consistent3.

1 External InterfaceRequirements3.1.1System Interfaces         Through system interface theuser can interact with the system and use the system according to his requirementsto get his require output. The systeminterface has functionality which is described below:Ø Online issue Ø Online record.Ø Online billing .Ø Online notification to userwhen expire date is near.Ø Online update  Specify interface:                             The project deal withinterface input, output processing describe above: Input:?  Onlinebook issue:                             In online book issue the record of student isrequired to fulfill the rules of library book issue. (student id , name,address, qualification).

      ?  Notification system:                                          Notificationsystem the login of student is created which has (student id, name, andpassword) to notify the student when expiry date is near.Hardware Interfaces:ü Internetconnector.ü Storage.ü Normalprocessor.ü ProcessorSoftware Interfaces:                Libraymanagement is a web application project.

Its processing is done on server site:1.     Operating system.2.

     Internet browser.3.     Php as front end.

4.     Mysql as backend3.1.5Communications Interfaces                       Communication interfaceprovide the mechanism to communicate with students and admin staff.Communication is done with protocols in school management communication is donewith staff.

Communication is very necessary to run theorganization is efficiently, library management systemhas communicate with their students and client in the webpage that use simpleclient protocols.3.2Functional Requirements      This area explains the characterstic of thesoftware product. In some case of requirements may be specified in the use caseformat and listed in the use case area.

Librarymanagement system is used to increase the knowledge of students in studies.Input:Ininput that almost all the system which has the login domain withspecific input. In system there are number of inputs that is entered by so manystudents.Inlibrary management system the student can chat with admin.Processing:          Duringprocess systems following things are considered:Duringprocessing the data of student is verified after verification the student islogin after proper giving the data in library system.

Output:?  In output the specificationfor login by students and admin section where they submit it.?  Get new members where theycan apply for new books and can study these students.Notification system:                      Messaging sending is the commonfunction for the successful system.

In notification system the message is send tomembers to notify that expiry date is near to and his membership can becancelled.        3.3 Use Cases3.

3.1Use Case #1  … …3.5 Non-Functional RequirementsNonfunctional requirements:Thenon functional requirements are the constraints and services that is offered bythe system such constraint on input and output system etc.

Itcan be used by mentioning IDE, programming language and process of developmentrules.Thesedefine the system reliability, response and storage requirements.Itis more critical than functional requirements.3.7LogicalDatabase Requirements  It  represent the logical representation of datathat is logically describe the architecture of the data.?  It should be secure.?  It can remove the error.

?  The data should be not duplicate.?  It maintain the record of efficiently.3.8DesignConstraints?  All input should be verified and check for its validation and give messageto the members of library.

?  The information should be provided by the by user filling the loginform and enter into main interface.?  While adding the data into fields the data must be verified bymentioning the rules.4. Analysis ModelsListall analysis models used in developing specific requirements previously givenin this SRS.

  Each model should includean introduction and a narrative description. Furthermore, each model should be traceable the SRS’s requirements.4.

1  SequenceDiagrams  4.2  Data Flow Diagrams (DFD) 4.2  State-TransitionDiagrams (STD) 5. SupportingInformation AppendixA – Background Research on:·        Topic1·        Topic2·        Topic3·        ………·        Topicn

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