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IntroductionIt is likely that anyone might become victim ofdomestic violence. In Vietnam, it has been one of the biggest problem that 58%of women have to suffer recently (Thanh Nien News, 2015, cited in “Domesticviolence in Vietnam”, 2016). “Domestic violence can impact anyone regardless oftheir gender, race, age, culture or religion” (Kanchiputu & Mwale,2006 ). It has a variety of forms, namelyemotional abuse, physical violence and sexualassault. This matter is happening due to numerous reasons, but the major causeis lack of background knowledge about domestic aggression .The problem is worsebecause of outdated views whichmeans in order to maintaining happiness infamily, women are tolerant and they still continue to suffer from theirhusband.

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Meanwhile, being a bread-maker even, men seem to treat their partnerunfair anytime for unreasonable causes. Moreover, children who haveunforgettable childhood accidentally become victims of domestic violence intheir family. To tackle the problem, it seems to be a long-term process;however ” it can vary case by case, but we should not keep silent. Keepingsilent is dying” (Beth & Brett, 2013 ). It is necessary for victims to have more chances to raise their voice and be paidmore attention from different groups, both neighborhood and local community.

Thus, this essay will provide updated facts, discuss the effects of domesticviolence and suggest efficient ways to protect the victims from this issue.2.Discussion of findings2.1.Shocking facts of domestic violence in Vietnam”For many years almost every Vietnamese woman tookit for granted that unconditional service to men is the natural function, arequired sacrifice, and an expression of self-denial, necessary in the role ofwomen in the family” (Le, n.d.).

Representing womanhood in different discussionforums, a numerous women admit that they are suffering at the hands of theirhusbands due to unreasonable understanding of partners in their daily lives.”Domestic violence is a problem but it is basically a silent problem” (Beth & Brett, 2013). In lieu of raising their voice for help, victimssilently endure during a long period. According to Dr Nguyen (2016), “somewomen think that it is karma and they are suffering for something they did intheir past life”.

Traditionally, women have poor background and they are likelyaccepted that it is their destiny whether they are beaten by their partners.Moreover, a bigger issue in Vietnam society seems to be the fear of losingdignity. Many women feeling ashamed about what had happen to them intend tohide it from anyone. After marriage, the happy times end quickly because theymight give their life to the service of their family, including their husbandand children in any circumstances. It seems that women beaten up daily for manyintolerable years make every effort to endure life as a human punch-bag. Toprotect victims from violent actions, the government enacts law which is called”the Law on Gender Equality and the Law on Domestic Violence Prevention” (Asialife,2016). However, this problem may be difficult to address, for most womendo not know their rights. In addition, stereo type of Vietnamese women is tostand sacrifices and hardships.

They stand both physical and psychological painafter husband’s actions in lieu of accusing their husbands of their violentbehaviors in order to avoid family separation and their children. 2.2.Effects of domestic violence 2.

2.1.Women face to domestic abuseWomen who are most at risk for domestic violence havecoped with physical abuse made up by their husbands. It is clearly seen thatthe common feature of any situations between male and female is an imbalance ofcontrol and power.

Male representing bread-maker in their family still maintainthinking that their wives do not take care of their families and talk back tothem with their neighbors. They constantly use physical actions which bringabout injuries to victims if they tend to run into stiff resistance. Besides,behavior denying essential needs of victims is physical violence. Men have atendency to beat their wives and ignore them when they desire to help them. Insome cases, women also suffer from sexual abuse. Women accidently become winebibberor drug addict as drugs seem to help them to forget their painful bodies.

Theywould rather repeat to self-kill by addictions than be slaves of theirhusbands. Besides, emotional abuse is likely behavior that threat,intimidation, or the victim’s freedom limitation. Psychological abuse includingconflict action or statement might affect to human dignity. The abusers have atendency to make efforts to keep victims from contacting with their friends andfamily.

They deem that the victim could not leave the relationship with thembecause victims impossibly rely on anyone except for them. Isolationcontributes the victim’s internal strength damaging and self-defense abilityloosing. In many cases, those women often get several troubles which relates totheir emotion. They tend to have negative thinking and tackle with theirproblem by suicide. Unexpectedly, results of numerous studies illustrate that”victims of domestic violence are more likely to maltreat their children thanthose who are not abused by their partners” (UN 2010).

It is worth that theyshould be received condemnation even though it is probable that theyunintentionally make wounds of their children.2.2.2.Children are influenced by domestic violenceDifferent from Vietnamese women, children areaccidently become consequences of domestic abuse in their families. “41.2%respondents said that domestic violence affects to the abused child to loseinterest in education” (Kanchiputu& Mwale, 2016).

Sometimes, victimized children go to school latebecause they have to do pieces of household work, even they absent from schooldue to verbal aggression andphysical injury. Those youngsters could not concentrate on their studies andoften have flashbacks about the abuse (Jaclyn,n.d.

) which resulted from different misunderstanding of their parents. Domesticviolence also negatively impacts on children’s behavior at school. It iscertain that they use aggression as a way which they might get what they want.The reason why boys tend to become more aggressive is that girl studentsconsider it is normality at school. In the majority of cases, childrenwitnessing domestic abuse seem to have less chance to enjoy their wonderfulchildhood than others. They often grow up independently instead of being takencare by their parents.

It is probable that parents should make good example totheir children who might follow, but victimized kids apparently hide theirfeeling at home and behave as uneducated people in society. Children are like”a pressure cooker waiting to let out the stream” (Rebecca, 2011). Certainly,domestic violence results in negative adjustment of the victim who may find itdifficult to trust their partners of their marriage in the future. They are oftenmore aggressive in any circumstances and they treat unfairly to their membersof family such as verbal abuse and non-verbal abuse. In many cases, thechildren grow up being affected by the violence, and sometimes these scarsmight have a long-term impact on their lives (Jaclyn, n.d.).

2.3. Domesticviolence might to be tackled efficientlyAccording to Gender andDevelopment Research Institute, 49.7% of families are broken up because offamily violence (Binh, 2011). It is clearly seen that this problem be should tobe solved as soon as possible by both individuals and the Vietnamesegovernment.

Regarding women, they have a duty to make enquiries carefully about their partners beforetheir marriage and they also should understand more about domestic aggressionto protect themselves whether it happens. Therefore, women ought not to keepsilence if they realize that they are victims of mistreat in their home. Nevertheless,it is high time for the women to maintain good relationship with their spousesby listening to them, sharing with them and taking care of their families. Interm of children, they had better give several good advices to theirmaternities to limit unexpected harms for the victim of violence. Furthermore,being witnesses of domestic abuse, children should not behave as way which theymight to deal with this problem early. With regard to the Vietnamesegovernment, they are duty-bound to illustrate that what aserious violence issue! Besides, the authority should expand financial-supportorganizations and provide safe accommodations for the victim (Legal Guide,2017).

  As stated by the FindLaw (n.d.),there are many non-profit groups dedicated to helping people cope with domesticabuse. However, those groups might help women to be economically independent intheir daily life (Cohn, 2014). It is necessary that the Vietnamese governmentmake penalties for internal violence.

These days, people who have violentmotion likely take full responsibility for their act before law of avoidingdomestic violence in Vietnam.   

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