1. world and the Americas. These associations took

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1. Describe the degree of global ‘interconnection’ after 1500 CE compared to before 1500.in the year 1500, discoveries in Europe allowed them to travel further, connecting them to the Indian Ocean routes as well as to new world. That was a big increase in global ‘interconnectedness,’ as these regions had been previously relatively isolated.2.

What were the overall effects of this change in global interconnectedness?The fundamental impact was the association amongst Europe and Asia and between the current world and the Americas. These associations took into account exchange, trades of thoughts, and the arrangement of provinces.3. How did the global trade network after 1500 CE affect the pre-existing regional trade networks? (Indian Ocean,Mediterranean, trans-Saharan, Silk Routes)The European nearness in the Indian Ocean exchange did not enormously impact alternate members.There was very little European involvement compared to the existing trade and the Europeans did not provide any new or valuable products to the trade system.4.

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What technical developments made transoceanic European travel & trade possible, and where did theyoriginate?Some route advancements incorporated the astrolabe to decide scope and the utilization of the compass to decide bearings. A noteworthy improvement in the boats utilized was the triangular sail. Triangular sails enabled mariners to cruise into the breeze, empowering voyages further and advance from home.5.

What were the major notable transoceanic voyages between 1450-1750 CE?A large portion of these advancements began in Asia yet were received and spread by the Muslim Empire, inevitably achieving Europe.6. Where did Zheng He and the Chinese Treasure Fleets travel?Zheng He’s armadas gone all through the whole Indian Ocean exchange arrange. The armada went similar to the Arabian Peninsula, Africa, India and Southeast Asia. A few history specialists hypothesize that Zheng He may have even traversed the Pacific Ocean to parts of America, however this has not been demonstrated.

7. Why did Portugal begin longer maritime voyages ca. 1430 CE?Portugal started investigating with long oceanic voyages since they were searching for better exchange courses.

Portugal needed to exchange the Indian Ocean exchange organize and their geographic qualities, for example, a long drift line and looking out towards the Atlantic made it perfect for the Portuguese to start longer marine endeavors

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