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IntroductionFamily is said to be the safest place,the happiest heaven in one’s hearts . However , to many others, it is the placewhere they are victims of violence every day. Domestic violence or domesticabuse are not unfamiliar words. There has been no exact definition of it, butit is defined as the action of abusing someone carried out by one family memberin order to direct the other ( Wikipedia ). It includes sexual abuse orphysical and emotional attacks such as using fist, hitting and so on. In VietNam and other countries in the world, domestic abuse has been a great concern foryears, at an alarming rate. What do you think about the figure ” 31,500 ” ? .That is the number of cases of domestic violence occurring in Viet Nam everyyear, according to Nguyen Quan ( 2017 ).

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It is obvious that this problem cannot be solved immediately, but with the efforts of organizations, thegovernments and individuals,  it can belessened . Therefore, this research paper is aimed at providing information onthe main causes of domestic violence and several measures to deal with thisissue.2.Discussion of findings2.

1. Thereality of domestic violence against women in Viet Nam and in other parts ofthe worldFollowing the statistic of WorldHealth Organization WHO , 2017 ), 35 %  of women over the world had to suffer fromeither sexual or physical abuse from the partner in their lifetime. Domesticviolence against women occurs in both countries which are under and overdeveloped .In the United Sates, every minute , there are 20 people who arevictims of physical abuse. Among them, 76% of victims are women. In 2012 , 924 women were murdered by theirintimate partner .

( National Coalition Against Domestic Violence NCADV ) .In England and Wales, 1.2 million women were reported to be victim of somekinds of domestic violence, according to Alan Travis ( 2017 ) . Unfortunately ,in many other parts of the world, this kind of crime is legal as there is noregulation of it . In Vietnam , the victims of domesticviolence are mainly married women . As reported by National Study On DomesticViolence Against Women In Viet Nam ( 2010 ) , almost 5%  of women were beaten by their husband duringpregnancy.

Also in an article by Chi An ( 2015 ), approximately 60% of womenwho were married had to endure physical or sexual violence from the partner ora male member in their family at least once in their life and nearly 58%  of women suffered from both kinds of violence.Most of the victims did not seek for help from the community, additionally, themajority of cases of domestic violence were not looked into and they continuedmore frequently. 2.

2.Possible causes of domestic violence against womenFamily violence often takes placebehind the closed door (Broderick , E . 2015 ).  Violence orginates mainly inpower when the partner has the intention of controlling the other, according toTody D.Goldsmith, MD. She also mentions five main reasons why people useviolence with others namely low self-esteem, extreme jealousy, hardships tocontrol anger and other strong feelings or when background education makes themfeel inferior to the other. Family violence can come from situational orindividual aspects .

Nevertheless, there are someadditional causes of domestic violence against women . The most significantfactor that makes this problem popular is change after marriage. For a periodof time living with the intimate partner, they realize that finance is becominga burden to their family, especially when they have their babies as they haveto make more efforts to look after not only themselves but also their children. In addition, when people feel dissatisfied with their partner when they goout without permission, prepare for meals late or neglect their children, theytend to lose their temperature and use violence. Moreover, when conflicts infamily happen, couples do not know how to reconcile. As a result, argumentsbecome more intensive and the intimate partner is violent toward the other. Thesecond factor contributing to domestic violence against women is the use ofdrugs and alcohol.

When the concentration of alcohol in a person’s blood ishigh or he or she uses drugs, it is less probable to control his or her violentactions toward their partner.  The thirdpossible factor that leads to domestic violence against women is family’sinfluence. In the article ” What causes domestic violence “, Tody D.Goldsmith,MD says that boys in families or in their community where violence is believedto be a means of bringing up children will be affected because they learn thebehavior from the older.

When they grow up , they repeat the abuse of whichthey used to be victic. Besides some people with conventional beliefs , thatthey control their partner is right. Consequently, they think that it is notworth respecting women and see violence directed women as normal. She alsomentions that people who come down with psychological disorder can be a reasonwhy they abuse their intimate partner.  Lastbut not least, the continuation of victims to keep silence can be regarded as acause of this issue.

A large number of women do not call for help from thecommunity. They just consider the violent behavior from their partner out ofcontrol, so the perpetrators go on thinking that directing the other is rightand continue their action more often.2.

3. Some solutions to domestic violence against womenWe are well aware that familyviolence again women has several bad impacts on not only their physical healthbut also mental one and they can last long . This problem can not be solvedimmediately , but 

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