10 Types of Inference in Literature

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Last updated: May 5, 2019
The Location
“While we roared down the tracks, we could feel the bounce and sway.”

The Agent (Occupation or Pastime)
“With clippers in one hand and scissors in the other, Chris was ready to begin the job.”

“When the porch light burned out, the darkness was total.”

Action (What is going on?)
“Carol dribbled down the court and then passed the ball to Ann.”

Instrument (Tool or Device)
“With a steady hand, she put the buzzing device on the tooth.”

Cause and Effect
“In the morning, we discovered that the trees were uprooted and homes were missing their rooftops.”

An Object (What is it?)
“The broad wings were swept back in a ‘v’, and each held two powerful engines.”

A Category
“The Saab and Volvo were in the garage, and the Audi was out front.”

Problem or Solution
“The side of his face was swollen, and he winced when he tried to chew the mashed potatoes.”

Feelings or Character Traits
“While I marched past in the junior high band, my dad cheered and his eyes filled with tears.”

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