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This film was intended to be appreciated thru the visual effect it brings to the audience and its admirers. The connection between the sound and visual make this story successful as it has been for the past 22 years as it is remotely rebellious to the traditions China and its empire aby by. The visual alone is more than enough to tell the viewer how much the people of China believed in their government and its traditional customs.Filmmaker Chen Kaige is one of the forerunners of what is largely known as the new wave of Chinese cinema, which puts emphasis on the visual aspects of film.

The films of the Chinese new wave often contain strong political elements, which have drawn almost constant objection and censorship from the Chinese government. The relationship between sound and visual re-enforce each other in the way of taking over any portion of the film where the visual is not necessarily self- explanatory.The film Yellow Earth is based on the cope of the eye and visual comprehension. This doesn’t mean that it is not understood easily; it means that the scene, the environment, the places, the village itself is a self –explanatory story. The sound and the lyrical backgrounds bringing out the real culture of peaceful hearts which the people of China acquire are a contradiction to their customs; however this is how Mr. Chen Kaige views the people of China and its peaceful village and its way of life.

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The limited sound Mr. Chen Kaige and his crew had in mind for his extremely successful film of Yellow Earth makes the viewers think and ponder on this issue of life; making us, the audience think and appreciate the movie a lot more and therefore attaching the viewer to the possibilities of each other’s way of thought. My understanding of Yellow Earth has a symbolical effect and the need of human understanding for one’s rights, strength and wisdom. Cuiqiao to rebel to a tremendous decision of marriage, to rebel as well as to join the cause of freedom and a better life to their people of China.Understanding of the “narrative” to me is of utmost respect to the writer, editor and all the participants who created this film making the rest of the world aware of the implications that are an everyday living in other places of our world; just like for the people of China and their nobility to continue the traditions and governing rules even for some against their will.

In 1983, Chen made his first feature film “Yellow Earth”. The film tells the tale of a soldier who travels to a small village and convinces a bride-to-be to run away with him.This beautifully photographed film is notable for its cinematography by eventual revolutionary director Zhang Yimou. It’s been twenty-five years since Chen Kaige began his studies at the Beijing Film Academy. Little did he suspect back then that the “class of 78”-which included future luminaries Zhang Yimou and Tian Zhuangzhuang, among others-would first change the face of Chinese cinema, then go on to make an indelible impression on the international film scene.Source:Time Out Film Guide 13 New York State Writers Institute,

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