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11 incredible ways to satisfy a woman’s breastsAdmin December 27, 2017 No CommentsOf course, the first thing many people notice about a womanafter her smile and her eyes are her breasts. There is nothing to be ashamed ofbecause we all know what it is. We spend a lot of time checking them in broaddaylight, but we can not satisfy them and give them the attention they deservewhen the lights go out. aboutMen usually walk between the legs of a woman as they enjoymore and ignore the breasts. According to sexologists, a woman’s breasts are anarea of ??great pleasure, but for men, she is somewhat misunderstood becausethey have no breasts. Most of the information we gather about breasts comesfrom media and pornography.

Also, read the logical reasons why men love breasts and thatmakes senseWe bring you 9 extraordinary ways to satisfy a woman’sbreasts. 1. The understanding of all breasts is not the sameThe fact that it satisfies one partner in the past does notmean that the same will be enough for your next partner. Many women want breaststimulation in the form of soft, sweet jokes, and some want it rough and curly.You have to understand how to satisfy your wife first. about2.

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Start slowly, until you know what you likeDo not catch it the way you started the previous game, letyour fingers gently touch the skin around the nipples and surrounding areas ofthe breasts as you inhale warm air over them. about3. Be a ridiculeTry to kiss her breast, but ignore her nipples for a fewminutes and always look at her face to gauge her reaction, it helps her tounderstand how much she loves and how much she loves her breasts more than you. about4. Tease 2Breathe it seductively, but do not make physical contactbefore your body twists. This may require some self-control, but theaccumulation is worth it if you feel a tingling sensation when she has anorgasm.

 5. BehindTry to cut your breasts from behind while kissing your neck,gently caress your fingers and put your hand across your chest for moreexcitement. To satisfy it more, you can gently press the nipple with your indexfinger and massage it in a circular motion until it hardens. about6.

Communicate … without disturbing the moodDuring sex, ask your wife how she feels, plays and playswith her breasts or does what she likes. This sounds uncomfortable, but thiscommunication will benefit both and make the sexual act more enjoyable. aboutAlso, read 25 strangely satisfying pictures on the internetthat will appeal to all perfectionists!7. Let her be the teacherGive her the power to be her teacher during sex.

Ask her tokeep her breasts with what she expects of you, it will make her more erotic andenjoyable. Grab a Doggystyle from the back or put your own hands on her breastswhen she climbs on you so she can show you how she likes to be touched. 8. Pay attention to your reactions and your breathingConcentrate on what happens to the rest of the body, yourbreathing, your moans, your redness, but never ignore the breasts, for sexualarousal causes more blood flow to the breasts and often causes breast tissue.Swelling up to 25%, your skin on the breasts will turn red and the areolas willdarken, indicating that they are having fun. about9.

If she wants to play more abruptly, she relaxes somethingA woman likes to have some sort of control over her chest,making her a bit rough and perverted, making her sexier. You can use nippleclips or use your teeth, a little pressure can make it warmer for you. 10. Use different sensationsTry to make it risky by using a combination of hot and coldkeys that can be as exciting as pliers like ice cubes, silk and lace, which canbe super hot for many women and really fun. about11. Praise be the womanIf you really love her breasts, tell her why worship is thestrongest aphrodisiac and that it helps to increase her mood, libido and sexualresponse.

Gently seducing a woman with the right touch will satisfy her andwarm things up in the room faster, and surely turn good sex into good sex

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