In to service users (Buchan,2000). Recruitment can be

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In health and social care, recruitment is theprocess of identifying and engaging appropriate individuals who can contributetowards an organisation’s goal of providing quality and efficient care needs toservice users (Buchan,2000). Recruitment can be challenging given the complex nature of providing good qualitycare for patients, efficient utilisation of resources, variety of professionalsworking within the organisation and the motivational need of employees (Bensonand Dundis 2003) within the care sector especially when the correct measures are not taken. It istherefore, important to consider the factors which are indispensable whilesrecruiting individuals in a care organisation.  There are three main recruitment phases to beconsidered in recruitment planning. These are: pre-selection, selection andpost selection. As a result of lack of comprehensive recruitment planningpolicy, unskilled workers were employed which affected the outcome of qualitycare at the London Nursing Home. In the pre- selection stage of the recruitmentplanning, strategised recruitment planning policy and overall recruitment aimwhich outlines the organisation’s achievement criteria (Chen et al, 2004) willbe established.

The human resources officer will therefore specify therequirements for recruiting individuals. For example: vacant positions will beset out detailing the job role, person specifications and skills of therequired employee. In addition, the validity of the vacant position will alsobe clarified, whether the position available is a fixed or temporarycontractual agreement and whether the vacant position is part time or full-timebased.

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