The second experience
will be the one that Toshiko Sasaki had. She worked for a local tin company and
worked hard to provide for her younger siblings and parents. She was at work when
the atomic bomb was dropped. During the bombing, a bookcase fell on her and
crushed her leg. The bomb destroyed many hospitals and killed many doctors
which made it hard to receive proper medical attention. This is exactly what
happened to Toshiko. She wasn’t able to receive the proper medical care she
needed for her led and it became infected and healed incorrectly. This resulted
her in becoming crippled for the rest of her life. Despite being crippled, she
still spent the rest of her life taking care of her younger siblings and
eventually became a nun. There seems some sort of underlying message in this
situation. Despite surviving an atomic bomb and not being killed instantly from
the evils of war; she was actually crippled by books that are supposed to
represent learning and education.


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