I mere acceptance of theoretical concepts. A rather

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Last updated: March 20, 2019

I have handled courses on Roboticsand Automation for Logeshwari. I have interacted with her on numerous other occasionssuch as project discussions and organizational work.On observing Logeshwari during mycourse sessions with her batch, I find her to show more interest towardspractical implementation and verification rather than mere acceptance oftheoretical concepts. A rather silent observer during lectures, Logeshwaribecomes an integral member of debates on issues concerning system design andimplementation. Shetakes active part in classroom discussions and her assignments, seminarsreflect her creativity and fresh line of thought.

Her remarkable implementationefficiency makes me believe that she has what it requires to excel in graduatestudies.As the leader of a four-member team, she worked on a projectinvolving visible light communication and AVR micro controllers. She got exemplarygrade in that project.

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She takes up the responsibility of leading a team verywell and completes the work well within stipulated time. She has also presenteda technical paper on wireless transmission of electricity both in intra andinter college symposiums. During her presentation, it was evident that she possessedstrong communication skills and has a very good command over English. She alsoplayed a major part in conducting our department’s annual technical symposium.

She committed herself totally tothe success of the event right from collecting sponsorship for the event todesigning the various contests and was the organizer for Quiz contest. Theinteresting and stimulating questionnaire that she prepared for the quizcontest displayed her impressive understanding of the fundamentals of Electricaland Electronics. She also underwent implant training at Subashri Bio engineers.  Takinginto account her academic caliber and level of commitment, I strongly recommendLogeshwari Suriya Babu for admission into your graduate program with allpossible financial assistance at your esteemed university.

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