Organization and Bureaucracy

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Peter must be able to diagnose the relative power of the various participants and comprehend the pattern of interdependence. This is important because it will give him knowledge and information about the activities of the different sports club and if there is any influences coming from outside that affect the situation. Further more, it will give him idea of how he can implement relational approach to crises management will help him to determine his course of action that will soot to the problem. Peter must carefully analyze the strength and weakness of the independent departments.It is important that Peter knows the strength and weaknesses of other departments as well as of the employees to be able to deal the problem effectively.

This is where control and directing will come from if he can exploit their weaknesses for the sake of achieving common accomplishment which is the desired objective. Peter must have to have power and influence to have control of the situation. This is certainly very important as this will free his hands.

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Power and influence will give him control to direct the WW to the direction he desired to lead towards growth.Peter can do these by: (a) having control over resources such as budgets, physical facilities and positions that can be used to cultivate allies and supporters; (b) control over extensive access to information about the organization’s activities about the preferences and judgments of others, about what is going on, and who is doing it; and, (c) formal authority. Peter Watson should reflect on the thoughts of Helmy H Baligh about organization structure.

Baligh said that organization structure is a set of two or more people, and one or two or more decisions to be made.Baligh’s concept of organizational structure is that ‘they were people who are connected by decision rules that they make for one another to use to determine what they are to decide or do. ’ Peter Watson should be able to draw a straight line for the Workout world to follow. The staffs and personnel of the Workout World must be connected to the rules and to the decision that they made. In this case, I also recommend Peter to develop communication skills to be able to connect Workout World personnel with the rules and the decision made.Communication skill is important as it is ‘a complex behavior that draws on cognitive processes such as decision-making, social perception and interpretation.

’ Communication is also important on relationship. Peter must remind himself that ‘people are interdependent with one another. ’ In other words, Peter can approach the problem via relational approach to crises management. In this case, Peter must think carefully about how he can exploit the fact ‘people are somehow interdependent with one another, and they need one another for some reasons.I suggest that Peter once more call a breakfast or luncheon meeting and use the concept of group dynamics in a more creative way to challenge them to speak up if they have problems, or there are difficulties and be able to manipulate their responses towards a common concern of the Workout World. Peter can suggest a team building for all the personnel. In this way, he can establish relationship that will help him motivate all the staff to work not competitively with each other but for the common interest of the Workout World.To sum up all these, I recommend to Peter that he cancelled the meeting.

Instead, he implements reforms in some policies. He should review all the rules, policies and contract guidelines and analyze all the situations and apply the principles given above. Option: Peter Watson can call the meeting and explain to all the staff and personnel the real situation of Workout World and remind them of the policies and guidelines that govern the whole system, although there seems to have no guaranty that this may help.But this will of course depend in his approach how he could encourage everybody to respond to the situation favorably. Of course as the General Manager Peter must have certain authority to enforce and implement certain policies that has been over looked , neglect or abused out right in that meeting. This can be a legitimate use of authority but as I said it may not guaranty positive respond.

Nevertheless it is his prerogative and before coming up with such option he certainly have his own basis of action. The situation of the Workout World is critical and it demands careful action.Peter regardless of what decision he makes must act decisively.

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