Hansel and leave them there. Hansel left breadcrumbs

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Hansel and Gretel  Once upon a time….  A woodcutter and his two kids named Hansel and Gretel lived in a poor home.

 He has a wife who hated kids so she nagged her poor husband to take his kids out to the woods and leave them there. Hansel left breadcrumbs behind him for a trail, but it became food for the birds to eat. Without a path, they searched the forest and then Gretel noticed a strange house made of candy.    Both Hansel and Gretel were starving. Their hunger was infuriating so they couldn’t help themselves to the gumdrop shrubs. As they slowly approached the house with concern, they didn’t have any clue that somebody was living inside. A witch notices the kids in her yard, opens the door and happily brings them inside.

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Hansel was caged and fattened up to become a juicy meal for the horrible witch. Gretel was kept doing chores around the house. The witch decided that Hansel was ready to be a delicious meal. While Gretel was cleaning, she thought ahead of the evil witch that would try to trick her into to doing something to her.    The witch was trying to trick Gretel by telling her to open the oven.

Gretel was playing dumb so she didn’t know what the witch was going to do. Gretel bent over to show what it was before the witch could act upon her. Out of now where Gretel shoved the witch into the oven and closed the door. The witch was now dead and the kids were free and alone in a candy house!! Hansel and Gretel had food and gold from the witch’s house. Sadly, they left the witch’s candy house and went back home.

 When they made it back home their father was worried, giving them both a giant hug. Hansel remembered before they left the witches home, Hansel took tons of gold back for his family.  The gold taken from the witch, gave the family a wonderful life. But, Hansel and Gretel couldn’t wait to tell others the tragic story they went thru about the crazy witch from the candy house. 

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