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Last updated: June 15, 2019

Stability: Modern organization is said to be more unique with its many business systems. They require different advance and consistent changes. As an organization such as Purdy’s, some times they would need to produce more chocolates than the previous year or vice versa. There are multiple changes in the business. Another example would be, Purdy’s would create multiple chocolates but the customers may like it or not, so in that process they need to either produce a different flavour or type based on the customer satisfactionFlexibility: Modern Organizations are continuously adaptable to change their work process, centers and additionally availability. So this means that there are days where the workers have to work longer or even shorter if there is no business. So in that process, Purdy’s change their way of approach to the customers based on the situation and their satisfaction.

So during Christmas times is most of the time when business happens, and this is the time many people want to buy gifts for their families and there is a huge work rate during this time as some of the workers were required to work for longer time and needed to hit their goal.Teamwork: Team work is the principle idea of modern organization. The organization who can create a strong, trustful and understandable relationship between the coworkers can be a very successful organization. This is a very important factor in modern organization. As the sales associate of the Purdy’s chocolate factory, they all work to achieve their goal.

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If there is no team work, there is no way the modern organization can be run and be successful. The chocolate expert and other people who are part of Purdy’s are working very hard through Christmas time and try to achieve their goal and satisfy their customers which makes them happy and is their top priority. So, teamwork plays a huge role in successful business and non-successful buinsess.


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