14th Century Literature

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Last updated: May 14, 2019
Famous People in 14th Century Literature
*Boccaccio, Dante, Chaucer,*Petrarch, Christine de Pisan

Boccaccio- Setting during the plague, 10 people leave Florence to tell stories for 10 days.

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Decameron sometimes called…
The Human Comedy, stories light hearted, but preface is dark as one who has seen and survived the plague!

Decameron Starts with
Preface to the Ladie’s- describes plague in gruesome detail

Dante Facts
-Loved study, wrote on origin and development of language, generalized knowledge, etc. – Banished from Florentine

Divine Comedy Sections

Inferno2. Purgatory3. Paradise

Why called Divine Comedy?
– It ends happy (darkness to *Light*)- Use of Vernacular for serious topic.

Dante’s Comedy was written in
Opera Comique- a dialogue

Symbolism in Divine Comedy- What comes in 3’s?
*3’s!*- God Head1,2,3 Inferno, purg, pard.*100 Cantos* (3*33, plus introduction)*Terza Rima*=3 line stanzas with aba, bcb, etc.3 sins in inferno: incontinent, fraudulent(the worst), violent

Symbolism in relation to 3 sins in inferno
Satan- three heads, each chewing 3 traitors(the worst) Cassius, Judas, and Brutus

Crucial motif in Dante’s inferno
Light- the more, the closer to God

Vision of Satan
Satan up to chest in ice- far from GodHas 3 heads- grotesque form of trinity-he wanted to be like GodHas wings, they don’t work

Seven Deadly Sins (Giligan’s Island!
Gluttony, Lust, Sloth, Pride, Envy, Wrath, Greed

Punishment fitting for crime

Characters in Dante
Virgil leads through InfernoBeatrice leads him through paradise

Pollo and Franchesca
Were met in the inferno because they had lust.

Canterbury tales
Group of travelers on Pilgrimage(traveling to avoid plague) They tell stories to pass the time.

In Chaucer’s Prologue, characters are described:
*Knight*- Perfect Person*Son of Knight*- Fall of chivalry*Nun*- described nicely*Parson*- worst char.

last (Chaucer didn’t agree with indulgences, thus he didn’t explain church people nicely.30 pilgrims

Great Vowel Shift
Keep medieval spelling, but change pronunciation. Lots of people moving to London- lots of dialects that combine?

Francesco Petrarch
– Tension between vision of God in eternity and individual quest for glory- Regarded Latin writings as most important writings.

However…His Vernacular writings are what make him famous

Petrarch and Boccaccio
Good Friends.

Petrarch wrote a letter to Boccaccio with regards to modernism (he didn’t like it). Doesn’t think modernism is as good as past ways.

– One of Europe’s first female professional writers- Practical advice for women

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