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Last updated: June 4, 2019

Although the speed difference is significant, there is not much impact into the computer manufacturers. It will be just like an increase the operating frequency of a single-core processor. They will again ship these computers with new improve processors into the market, and the speed hungry consumer will simply devour it. So where is the real significance? It is not really in speed but rather in the power consumption. It takes a lot of energy to crank up a processor to high clock speeds and a processor with that much electricity running around the die is prone to electromagnetic noise.It’s not audible noise like a high RPM motor but electrical noise that could be the source of electromagnetic interference.

The pathways on a processor are microscopically close together. The more power that runs through these pathways due to the requirement of higher clock speeds mean that there will be a more electromagnetic radiation from one pathway to the next. This leak of electrical radiation could corrupt the other paths resulting to corrupt operation. So to the manufacturer of computers, this means more reliability on their products with less stringent testing on electromagnetic interference.So this would mean a lot to the computer manufacturer, cheaper because they do not need a lot of power electronics to support the supply line, but also cheaper because they could operate at lower frequency with the same throughput. For the processor manufacturer dual core means a less expensive route to producing a new product that continues the performance curve. The key criteria for the business plan of computing market to succeed in getting the consumers head wrapped around dual core as better will be the cost benefit over the dual processors.Even if there will be the performance increase, the public believes that two processors are better than one but also expensive.

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The consumer will be comparing a dual-core processor and a dual processor (or more) board with a multi-processor motherboard, special RAM and so on. With dual core processor technology there isn’t the added cost of a second physical processor. The manufacturing process is very close to single core cost so, that the dual-core processor should have a very competitive price compared to dual processors.It will, obviously, be more as the newest and fastest always does cost more but it has to be less than the total of two comparable processors. First we look at its strength, compared to dual processor technology.

Dual-core processors offers lower price. It also offers less power consumption. Multi-core processors will also have the benefit of offering performance without having to increase power requirements, which will translate into greater performance per watt (AMD 2005). Aside from these, the most of current operating system for PCs already optimizes dual-core technology.Multi-core processors will play a role in driving important advancements in PC security and virtualization technologies that are being developed to provide greater resource utilization, protection, and value for the commercial computing market.

General consumers, too, will have access to greater performance than ever before, which will significantly expand the utility of their home PCs and digital media computing systems. These strengths make the dual-core processor PCs more attractive to the consumer, which would aid in penetrating global market.Next we look at its weaknesses, with this dual-core processors, it offers little differentiation in terms of name and general concept compared to dual processors. This might misled the consumer that they are the same in terms of price. Dual-core or more generally multi-core pocessors, presents a wide variety of opportunities.

For example, the trend for Laptops is towards cheaper, smaller and faster products (Moore’s Law). This is something that is within the targets of dual-core processors.Another opportunity is the possibility or more than 2 core, towards unlimited number of cores gaining higher performance. Finally, we need to look at the threats that a dual-core technology might introduce in penetrating the world market.

Since there is also a need for developers to update application software before the performance benefits are readily observable to the layman users. An update in the application software would also push back the quality of software for it has to stand the test of time again to become more reliable.Frequent failure in application software, even if it is not related to the dual-core technology, might be associated by consumers to the dual-core technology. The result would deter consumers from buying dual-core processor PCs. These threats could be avoided by providing proper technical support to software developers. Given the foundation that most operating system already could optimize the performance of dual-core processors, it would not be very difficult for the developers to insure that their updates would be bug free.

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