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Last updated: June 4, 2019

The research analyzes the impact of global economic crisis on remittances, towards the economy and internal stability of Tajikistan. The study will help in examining how the economic slowdown has led to reduced remittances to the country and how this in turn, is a threat to the internal stability of Tajikistan.

The research question of the paper focuses on analyzing the viscous chain that ultimately leads to a threat for the internal constancy. The research utilizes the information obtained from secondary sources in the form of literature review.The ‘Literature Review’ methodology has helped in analyzing the research question in detail and has provided an in- depth discussion on the concerned topic. For the Literature Review, a number of online articles have been analyzed to find out the facts related to the global crisis, reducing remittances and threat to internal stability of Tajikistan. Important conclusions have been gained from the research and it has been found that increasing economic crisis has resulted in reduction of remittances to Tajikistan which has further weakened its economic situation.This might result in shattering the economic structure of Tajikistan and increase social tensions in the country.

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This has further increased the intimidation to internal stability that could lead to collapse of the political set up of the country. The economic crisis could further create tensions in the whole Central Asian region. The research paper will highlight the problems that the country is facing to motivate international organizations to develop programmes to address the needs of the affected population.The new programme/s would be an additional step to many existing programmes that have already been implemented by international organizations for the development of Tajikistan. The economic crisis of United States of America has made its way to the economies of the Central Asian nations. The global economic crisis is showing its impact upon the economy of Tajikistan.

This global crisis is threatening not only the economy of the country; but also its internal stability. This current downturn seems to have crippled the entire country.The history of Tajikistan does not boast of internal stability, as it has plunged into civil war that had destroyed the very economy of the state. Through this paper, the threat of the global economic crisis on remittances and towards the economy would be studied. In addition, the impact of this crisis over the internal stability of Tajikistan would also be analyzed. At the crucial point of economic destabilization, the country faces an uphill task of lifting itself from falling into the deep trenches of this global economic crisis.

The country has various challenges to overcome, in order to successfully combat the current crisis. The various challenges to the economy of Tajikistan include weak infrastructure, inadequate, insufficient and ailing health and education systems and failing institutions like the financial system and the civil service. These challenges are not the only cause of concern for the country; its geography and demography along with political turmoil, make the matter worse for it. The country already had host of problems and this economic crisis has just added to its misery.Tajikistan has to address a number of challenges and needs but it does not have adequate resources to combat them.

The state of current condition of the country can be judged from the fact that the proposed plan of Government has various modest goals set in their planning. Due to the various resource and capacity constraints, the Government does not have enough on its platter to help the failing economy. The global catastrophe seems to have come at a very critical point for this nation. Various problems have only aggravated the situation of this country.

The country still has not been able to lift itself from the energy crisis, which originated in late 2008 and early 2009. Its worsening relations with Russia have just added to the woes, as this has raised the graph of social and economic problems, which the country had been facing since its fall out from the former Soviet Union. All these factors have resulted in creating a deep impact on the nation’s internal political matters. These problems are now threatening the political stability of the country.

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