Lethbridge, is the problem that the labor within

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Last updated: December 23, 2019

Lethbridge, Phippsand MacDonald (2005) describe that the double burden which is also known as secondshift is a concept that describes the workload of women and men at home, whichis used to express unemployed labor put up in the household, in addition to thepaid employment in the formal sector.

The work done in recent years has begunto evolve from the invisible labor debate of all women, especially to theinvisible power of women involved in employment. For the working woman there isthe problem that the labor within the house belongs to the woman again.Inevitably there is a slight decrease in unpaid domestic work, but the totallabor time the woman spends is increasing. Women work both outside and insidethe house. In the distribution of the workload because of gender inequality arenot changed largely. Change only takes place to some extent if the husband iscompletely unemployed and livelihood of the woman family.

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