2.3.6 the proper integration of a Contractor’s Schedule is

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Last updated: November 30, 2019

2.3.6       Earned Value Management Requirements toContractorsDuring theproject life cycle, various project schedules (e.g.

Contractor Schedules) mightneed to be integrated with the Master Schedule. This is typically after aproject has passed a Project Life stage gate, in which case the relevantPlanning Packages are replaced with the Contractor’s more detailed WorkPackages.Forrelatively small and simple projects, the Contractor’s Schedule can either befully incorporated into the Master Schedule (i.e. all the activities in theContractor’s Schedule are copied into the Master Schedule), or the Contractor’sSchedule can be used as the Master Schedule.With largerand more complex projects, the Contractor’s Schedule is integrated into theMaster Schedule on the Work Package level, i.e.

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only a “summary activity” foreach Work Package is replicated (including logical relationships) in the MasterSchedule.One of themost important requirements to ensure the proper integration of a Contractor’sSchedule is to instruct the Contractor to structure its schedule according tothe Work Breakdown Structure that has been allocated to it. Considering thatalthough the Contractor’s scope of work is identified as Control Accounts inthe Integrated Work Breakdown Structure and Master Schedule, in theContractor’s Schedule, these Control Accounts become the Contractor’s WBS.Providedthat the Contractor’s Schedule is structured according to the relevant ControlAccounts or WBS Elements, the Contractor’s Schedule should naturally includeits various Work Packages under each of its WBS Elements.Each WorkPackage within the Contractor’s Schedule must have a summary activity, whichrepresents the duration of the entire Work Package, as well as the budgetedresource quantities and cost. These Work Package summary activities (and thelogic between them) are replicated into the Master Schedule.

This should ensurevertical traceability between the Master Schedule and Stakeholder’s Schedule asindicated in the below figure.

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