2.7 are used for the eating purpose.. Black

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7BLACK PLUM USED AS A F00D:Plum used as a fruit. Butit’s all parts has a effect of and all are used for the eating purpose.. Blackplum seed, fruit, bark and leaves all are used.

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2.7.1PLUM BARK:It has tannins andcarbohydrates in large amount. It has astringent due to its functional compoundsFriedelin,  gallic acid, gallo tanninalso so on, so it it used in the case of dysentery.2.7.

2PLUM SEED:Seed contain glycosideswhich have been shown as the anti diabetic properties. it delays thecomplication of diabetes and lowers the blood glucose level in body. ANTI inflammatoryproperties in its seed . Black plum seed has the compound of galloyglucose,gallic acid and ellagic acid,corilagin which has been shown that it lower serumLDL , blood urea, serum cholesterol.2.7.

3PLUM FRUIT:It is widely used allover the world. It has good aroma and may be used for the diabetes, cough dysenteryand inflammation. Fruit gives the nutrients but also help in disease prevention e.g cancer, diarrhea, mouth blisters,achne, and intestinal infection resulting loose motion.

So many people eatfruit of black plum for the treatment of this disease. Plum fruit also treatagainst the asthma, joint inflammation and cancer of colon due to ascorbic acidin higher amount it also contain those compounds which cleans the muscles ofheart and blood and delay the complications of coronary heart disease. 2.

7.4 BLACK PLUM LEAF:Its leaves also usedfor lower down the glycemic index in body. Production of Insulin in the blood alsoincreased due to its  extract of leaves.2.8 PRODUCT OF BLACK PLUM:Black plum cannot bepreserve for long period of time because it has high water content and it isperishable fruit. After harvesting many plum SPOIL due to insuffient handling.So this destruction can be avoid by plum convertion into many process food .

Soit is used for the long period of time as the form of process food.  The process plum products are following: ·        Jam·        Jellies·        fruit nectar·        Squashes·        Vinegar·        wine·        and process drink2.8.1BLACK PLUM SQUASHES:Plum squashes is madewhen the good quality of plum is meshed up to 5 to 10 minutes at the 140 F andthe it is stored in the glass bottles because glass is non reactive. After thatjuice is pressed from the mesh particles and it is mixed with water, sodium andpreservative (sodium benzoate and citric acid).

2.8.2BLACK PLUM JAM:Plum as the slightastringency and sweet and sour acid taste if it is  good quality of black plum. If the plum hashigh astringency so it is soak in the salt water or soak in salt upto 1hour  so its astringency will be improved.So for the jam production it is process with the tart sauces sugar in themanufacturing of jam.2.8.3PLUM JELLY:Black plum also usedfor making in jelly.

Due to its dark purple color attractive jelly is made.Jelly is made when the plum is cooked and then draining its juice but don’tsqueeze it. When which is extracted then which part remaining which is goodsource of pectin. But when white part does not appear so different gellingagent and pectin also used in the jelly production.2.8.4FERMENTED PRODUCTS:From the black plum vinegaralso produce. The fruit is meshed and then distilled liquor is made and doesfermentation.

The vinegar and cider is made which is very attractive due to itsbright purple color and consumer like its color due to its mild aroma andflavor.Black plum is theexcellent source of magnesium, zinc, potassium, calcium, sodium, manganese,chromium and iron. But due to processing for the jam, jellies, squashes andnectar its nutrients loss so sometimes enrichment also done after processing. 2.

9BREAD STICK PRODUTION:Ø  Firthweight all the dry ingredients flour, Moringa and black plum powder, yeast,salt, garlic powder, cumin powder and brown sugar.Ø  Thenadd butter, milk  and make a doughØ  Nowleft for the fermentation up to 2 hours.Ø  Afterfermentation make a bread stick properly with proper length and diameterØ  Nowbake it at 110C for 10 minutes.


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