2 her before I could” he explained with

2 October 1908 As time passed, it appeared as if this city had no sun at all. It hid in the bleakly leaden clouds or behind the thick veil of smog and puddles splashing under the wheels reflected moon much more often than the celestial body of the day. At dusk, all the life died down in this part of town. On this evening Van Helsing called for me as he told me that he had something incredibly important to tell me. When I arrived at his home he let me inside without any salutations and gestured for me to follow him as he went up the stairs into his room.

I entered and as soon as I did, the potent smell of garlic filled the air making me pinch my nose shut with my fingers and cough. I cursed asking Van Helsing why is there garlic. Then my eyes fell upon Lucy’s small figure lying on Van Helsing’s bed. “Oh Lucy!” I gasped while rushing towards her, but as I did Van Helsing’s strong hand wrapped around my neck, he firmly tugged me back, causing me to nearly fall to the floor from the sudden strength.

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“Don’t go anywhere near her, you risk the crucifix falling off her lips,” he spoke so harsh with a hoarse voice, almost as if he had been crying for days. His face showed no emotion as he stared at Lucy. I asked him what had happened.

He solemnly faced me saying “The Count had got to her before I could” he explained with grief dripping from his voice. “Why did you not tell me sooner?” I asked, he said he didn’t know how to. She was far too precious and innocent for this cruel world. I felt something warm slid down my cheek, I wiped it away immediately with my hand but more just seemed to keep flowing and I didn’t do anything to stop it. I let them fall as I covered my face with my hands shaking my head.

Once the tears seemed to stop I closed my eyes tiredly as I looked up to see the Crucifix was the only think keeping her alive, prohibiting her to resurrect as a Vampire. Van Helsing stared at me gravely and my heart fell at his sorrow for my loss. “She was a sweet angel my dear old friend how could this have happened” I said trying to fobid myself from weeping. I was supposed to keep her safe no matter what, however, I even failed at such a simple task.

I wish I had been there. God forgive me for this despicable sin. I wiped one last tear and clenched my fists tightly. Anger boiled within me my veins burnt with fury.

“The Count deserved to suffer and pay for what he did, he does not deserve to live after making Lucy suffer” I shouted. I gritted my teeth and looked to Van Helsing asking what to do next. He looked up at me and said “we are too late now Madame Maya there is nothing more we could have done.” I straightened my self and sat firmly on a couch nearby. All I can remember is waking staring at the ceiling and closing my eyes hoping that I would be able to live to see a better day.

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