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Last updated: September 28, 2019

My experience of designing growth and marketing strategies hasmade me realise the value of proper data analytics in success of anorganisation. I wish to combine this experience with a formal training inbusiness analytics and go on to work for a data driven organisation, preferablyin the retail sector. My long term goal is to establish a cutting-edge userbehavioural analytics firm with a focus on the Indian market.

India, with over1.3 billion people and an exploding internet penetration, has potential tobecome the world’s centre for data analytics. I believe that my training andwork experience in North America would give me a significant competitiveadvantage over local Indian firms. Also, my domain knowledge in retail,telecommunications and education would enable me to service clients from adiverse set of industries. Sauder’s MBAN, with its perfect assortment ofmarketing analytics courses taught by a world class faculty, would provide methe perfect platform to reach my goals.

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Also, Vancouver, one of the fastestgrowing technology hubs in the world, would be an ideal place for me to getexposure to industry’s best practices and later lay the foundation of my ownanalytics firm.

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