20th Century British Literature

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Last updated: May 8, 2019
3 Nicknames of the 20th Century and Why
Age of Violence: wars and crimeAge of Technology: weapons, medicine, book producingAge of Anxiety: bombs, war aftermath, depression, abuse of earth

Who was a psychologist?

Define Dystopian Fiction
Futuristic imaginative society in which there is an absolute power and oppressive control and the government makes it seem perfect but it’s not

Reasons for Dystopian Novels
WarningUnfunny satire

Characteristics of Dystopian Societies
Mind control (propoganda)Restrictions on information Restrictions on independent thought and freedom Atmosphere of fear or paranoiaConstant surveillance Uniformity Restriction on relationships

Characteristics of Dystopian Protagonists
Against the governmentMore intelligent and awareQuestions the system

What were the war poets’ outlook on the war?
They thought it was bad and destructive

Pygmalion Theme
Big gap in classesLanguage proved it

Define Modernism
Movement in the arts in the early 20th century creating and experimenting with something new

Modernism Characteristics
DifferentBreaks rulesFracture time Elitism Internal monologue

Stream of Consciousness (SOC)
Show the way our minds work Inside character’s thoughts

3 Stream of Consciousness Writers

Which writer read all of the books in the library and why?
Virginia Woolf because her father didn’t send her to college

Who was depressed and drowned in a river?

Who was a feminist?

Who started the Bloomsbury Group?

Irish SOC Writer
James Joyce

In Araby, who does the boy want to impress?
His friend’s older sister

In Araby, why is the boy mad at the end?
He has an epiphany and realizes that he has been vain to think that if he got her a gift she would notice him more

Who married a German and was disliked by the British?


In “The Rocking-Horse Winner,” what is it better to have, luck or lucre?
The mother says luck because you can get more money with it

In “The Rocking-Horse Winner,” what does the mother do when she is told that she will be given money each year for her birthday?
Demands it be given to her fully

In “The Rocking-Horse Winner,” what does money do to the mother?
Makes her even more greedy

In “The Rocking-Horse Winner,” what is ironic?
He overworked himself to make the mother happy, but he dies

Define Fantasy Fiction
A work of literature in which it takes us out of this world through magic and myth (has medieval elements)

3 Fantasy Writers
Tolkien C.S. LewisRowling

Who combined fiction with reality?

Showed life how is really is through concrete imagery

Where was Doris Lessing from?
Zimbabwe (Rhodesia)

8 Nobel Prize Winner
KiplingYeatsShawEliotBeckett Golding GordimerLessing

3 Pop Fiction Writers

What does “Wasteland” represent a lack of?

What tone is “Preludes?”

In “Preludes,” who is you?
A dirty woman

In “Journey of the Magi,” what was the wiseman’s trip like?

In “Journey of the Magi,” what does birth symbolize?
New time New religion

Who was an Irish senator?

Who studied mythology?

Who founded the Abbey Theatre and what did it do?
YatesSupported local writers

In “Sailing to Byzantium,” what does Byzantium symbolize?
The world of art

In “Sailing to Byzantium,” what does the music stand for?

In “Sailing to Byzantium,” how does the man feel?
Like he doesn’t have a purpose and is worn out

In “Sailing to Byzantium,” what is mortal dress?

In “Sailing to Byzantium,” what does the man want to become and why?
A golden bird because it sings and never dies

A 19 line form using only two rhymes and repeating two of the lines according to a set patternLines 1 and 3 of the opening stanza occur throughoutaba aba aba aba aba abaa

Which poem is a villanelle?
“Do Not Go Gentle into That Good Night”

In “Do Not Go Gentle into That Good Night,” who is the speaker talking to?
His dying father

Which writer was born in England but moved to the US?

Which writer was born in the US but moved to England?

What is the theme of “Musée de Beaux Arts?”
Life goes on People don’t care/don’t help They have more important things to do

A movement in poetry in which the poet tries to create a sharp picture with descriptive words (Eliot)

Theatre of the Absurd
Modernist development and dramaDisregards traditional dramasNo costumes/sceneryIllogicalLife is absurd

Who is the current poet laureate?
Carol Anne Duffy

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