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The hand picked audience will normally contain people from both sides of the debate, plus a number of experts in the subject.

The debate is controlled. The subjects covered aren’t incredibly controversial and there aren’t any participants who have personal grievances with each other, like on the Jerry Springer show, so there isn’t really any animosity or tension. Kilroy also has the knack of introducing laughter, without ridiculing anybody, and sometimes will make people laugh to defuse a situation where tempers may be rising.The audience have to speak into the microphone held by Kilroy if they want to make a comment. He moves around the studio for the majority of the time, enabling everyone to put across their personal views.

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The interaction with the individual participants is definitely enhanced because of the personal contact with Kilroy, as he sits beside each person who is speaking. Kilroy normally finishes the show with a final word from the experts and tries to remain as neutral as possible and carries on talking to the audience whilst the camera zooms away from the audience and the sound fades out.Both shows have titles on screen throughout the show for the benefit of viewers who may have missed the beginning of the show and not know what the debate was about. In conclusion, although the Jerry Springer show and Kilroy are chat shows, the audience they are aimed at are totally different. The Jerry Springer Show is based on a feeling of superiority to the guest’s mentality, whereas The Kilroy Show deals with the audience on a more equal level.The issues dealt with by both the shows are also different.

The Jerry Springer Show makes no attempt to attack real issues, whilst Kilroy tries to deal with issues, which affect society as a whole. As the shows are aimed at completely different audiences, the attitudes of the hosts are also very different. Jerry Springer has a sarcastic attitude towards his guests and Kilroy tries his best to appear concerned with the problems of his guests.Like all chat shows, people only watch them to find out how sad other people’s lives are to make them feel better about their own. It shows people from all walks of life, showing no prejudice against colour, size, shape or background. The Jerry Springer show is deliberately outrageous and he likes to have fun.

Some call him patronising, some outright cannot stand him but because the show has been running a long time it has a firm place in the talk show world.

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