Air clean the air is. When calculating the

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Airpollution is a huge problem, especially in Asia and there are severe healthrisks associated with it. The air is being polluted when any pollutants arereleased to the air that are dangerous to human health as well as the planet.Air pollution usually comes from energy use and production. 1 Commonsources are engine vehicles, industrial factories and combustion devices.Pollutants that have raised public concern include nitrogen and sulfur dioxide,ozone, particulate matter and carbon monoxide.2Airpollution is known to cause several respiratory and heart conditions andcancer. The respiratory diseases include asthma and air pollution can be fatal.

Global warming is linked to poor airquality, which has an impact on the heart and can worsen cardiovascular diseases.3Outdoor air pollution can be checked and reducedby using Air Quality Index (AQI), which tells how clean the air is. Whencalculating the index, the content of many different pollutants can be takeninto consideration. These include sulfur dioxide (SO2), nitrogendioxide (NO2), inhalable particles (PM10), particulatematter (PM2.

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5), ozone (O3), carbon monoxide (CO) andsulfur compounds (TRS). In the stations located around Finland, not all ofthese pollutants are calculated to determine the AQI. 41 Mackenzie 2016, “Air Pollution: Everything You Need toKnow”, World Health Organization, “Air Pollution”, National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences,”Air Pollution”, Ilmatieteen laitos, “Ilmanlaatuindeksi”,

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