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Last updated: May 18, 2019

The story of the split cherry tree is about how a man discovered and accepted how the world has changed from the way he once knew it. Dave is the first among his siblings to attend high school because his family is poor. While on a fieldtrip for his Biology class, he and five other boys acquired a debt of six dollars by splitting a cherry tree and putting it down.

The five other boys had money to pay off their debt but poor Dave had nothing so his teacher, Professor Herbert, paid for his debt and made him stay two hours for two days after school to earn the money he owed.This presented a problem for Dave because his father expected him to come from school on time everyday to help with the chores. After his first day of staying after school hours, he came home to find that his father was almost done with the chores and was not pleased that he was late. Dave explained why he did not arrive on time and his father decided that he would go to the school to meet with the professor and straighten things out. Dave’s father, Luster, felt that it was not fair to let a boy stay after school and work and let the others go because they had the money to pay.He also did not see the reason why they were climbing after lizards up a cherry tree in the first place. The next day, the father and son went to the school together and Luster talked to the professor and tried to explain that Dave was wasting his time staying after school hours and letting his father do all the work at home. The professor tried to explain that they were not merely playing around and was actually learning for a Biology class.

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To make him understand better, the professor suggested that Luster stay for the whole day to observe the school. He was also shown what a germ looked like through a microscope.In the end, Luster realized that so many things have changed from how he knew them and he understood why his son had to climb the cherry tree that time. Both Luster and Dave insisted of paying off the dollar by working together after that school day. The story was very touching because it showed how a person could understand things better by experiencing them. It was good to know that although Luster looked rough on the outside, he had a soft heart and this was seen when he requested for the professor not to show him a dissected snake because he believed that the snakes were helpful in the farm.

After everything that was shown to him, he swept the floor with a broom alongside his son because it was not hard for him to change his opinions and views. He also taught his son to always pay off his debts and to be honest at all times. With the changing of times due to technological advancements, some adults find it hard to accept these changes. The story is a good example to show people that they do not necessarily have to accept the changes but to be open-minded about them.

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