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28 January, 2018UNIQLO SOCIAL BUSINESS BANGLADESH LTDCommercial Center,(10th floor)28 Gulsan North C/A,Gulsan Circle-2,Dhaka-1212.Dear Human Resources AdministratorI am writing to introduce myself as a candidate for the summer internship at your company. I have been fascinated by the work  UNIQLO has done over the years in Bangladesh and worldwide. I believe my experiences and skills will be a positive addition to your company. UNIQLO has incorporated items that featured traditional motifs of Indonesian batik in their style line as a part of their Factory Worker Empowerment Project recently. This project has inspired me as adding this local traditional heritage truly manifests the company’s will to encourage traditional attire in global platform. In order for any local culture to be flourished, reinforcement from companies such as UNIQLO is a must and this action complements UNIQLO’s commitment to change the world. This project was introduced in my country in 2015 in factories to aid for educational programs for the workers. The project benefited the Bangladeshi women workers in sewing factories as a portion of sales from their production was used for providing them with knowledge about hygiene, nutrition and health management. In a country like Bangladesh where among two female citizens one is uneducated due to social and economic barriers, these initiatives are very essential. I would like myself to be a part of a company which values the work and the workers of their factories and UNIQLO complements all my requirements. This year at the beginning of June I went to South Korea for a summer exchange program where I had to be responsible for myself as this was the first time I was travelling outside my country without the shade of security that I was used to in my country. I went to this different land thinking I would be a yes person and that is exactly who I was during my stay in that beautiful and culturally enriched country. I made friends with people from all over the world, learnt from a professor who taught how not to look at a problem from a regional but a global perspective, explored the unknown alleys of Hongdae and unearthed a stronger side of me. I realized I am passionate about exploring whether it is a place or a problem. Being prepped by Asian University for Women with a unique blend of students from sixteen nationalities, I am no stranger to functioning in a diverse environment. This experience has enriched me with adaptability which I have been able to implement in the internships or jobs I have completed so far. I have worked with students, teachers and sponsors during my internship at a school named Swapnanagar Bidyaniketon outside the city through which I learnt how to disintegrate and tackle challenges through precise and proactive communication with leadership, organized work planning and pragmatic perspective. I assembled the data of the expenses the school had for the last two years before my joining and prepared their budget for that running academic year. I also communicated with the donors and gathered substantial amount of donation for the academic expenditures of the school. I am currently working as a language instructor for a French NGO Eau & Vie and providing Bangla and English lessons to the employees of the NGO where I work with two different sets of people with different backgrounds. I have worked as a researcher, an organizer, a volunteer, a teacher, a member, a leader and I want to explore my capacity even more. One of my research works named “Impacts of Climate Change Induced Salinity Intrusion on Physiological Parameters of Aquatic Hydrophytes from Coastal Rivers of Bangladesh” have been selected by Conference on Global Climate Change in China. Throughout my academic and professional experiences I have demonstrated utter dedication and have delivered quality results. I am applying for the intern position and I want to be involved in project development. I want to be able to help other women out there who are also striving to make their own identities. Your company has served its workers through its various projects and I want to be a part of this initiative. As Bangladesh is emerging with one of the most promising economies, it is mandatory for the country to have independent investment for grooming the labor force. Women face extra challenges as financial limitations and social prejudices do not allow them to achieve their basic right to education. UNIQLO believes in changing the world with their quality products , accepts diversity and values the wellness of their workers. My work experience in UNIQLO will enable me to have a great start at my professional life after graduation and will allow me to be a part of the revolution that UNIQLO is initiating with empowering their workers.


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