Creating a Logo for a Magazine

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Last updated: August 14, 2020

I will need to be able to Rotate font. Create Text Boxes, insert pictures, create backgrounds, and use many more features during this project. There fore the piece of software I use will have to contain these features Deciding I took this information back to Joe and he agreed with my ideas.

He thought that carrying them on was worth it and that i could come up with more ideas along the way. Analysis Section Available Software Software I will Use I will be using Microsoft Publisher for this task as it has many functions that I can use and have the knowledge to use it.It also has all the features that I will require for this type of project and it is available to use on his computer as well as mine.

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Hardware Joe’s Computer has a Printer and the available Copying Services to reproduce these items and send them to the people in question. He also has floppies and CDs to store the files onto. Back-up/ Security There will be many back-up/ security processes being used around these files. The first is the Firewall around Joe’s Computer to stop hackers and virus’s entering his system. If they do manage to get around this he will keep a version on floppy disc.Incase the floppy disc gets infected too he will have a printed version. In addition, I will hold a copy incase any of these files are accidentally deleted and he does not have the time to retype up the magazine. Feedback Once more i took my ideas back to Joe so he could decide upon weather they where worth doing.

After looking thought them he told me they seemed in order and asked me to create a design for him to look before reporting back once more. I did three Attempts at the Magazine each 1 attempting a new page. These three are pictured above and each of them I have altered slightly to go on to the next.In the End I decided that I would use all three and put them together as they all seem to show what I used. The First Attempt The first attempt was the original Magazine that I Created in the preliminary project. I used the design from this and bulked up the content along with the addition of some background affects to make it look better to the eye. This one seemed to catch the eye more and so I used it as the front page.

The Second Attempt This attempt was created after a little bit of playing around. I liked the look of it so went on to test out some things on it and added overlapping text and pictures.Although this was starting to look quiet good and was meeting the parameters set I thought I could do better and so I carried on editing. The Third Attempt This is the final attempt. It was the same as the Second attempt except I added allot more text.

This made the magazine look boring. I then played with the text until I had the effect I wanted. Joe’s Decision Joe decided that all three met his original ideas but only if they where used together. I looked at them and agreed that it may be possible to merge them into 1 big piece. After doing this I sent it back to him once more and he was happier with this piece.

He urged me to add different information to the magazine and add my own review section to it. The Template The Template I created was not too difficult to make. There where quiet a few differences between it and the final file.

It had to be saved differently. It had to be put into a certain folder before it could be used. Also it had to be made separately. The Logo One of my objectives was to create a logo for this magazine. For this I used a website called “Flaming Text” they had easy headers to be made but I did not like these. By uploading a font of my own and using a design based around that I managed to create my logo.

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