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Last updated: August 14, 2020

Using Microsoft FrontPage, I will create a website with information on the games and other products that the company sell. This will contain screenshots and video clips of the game.

Customers will be able to buy the company’s products, join the reward card membership program and contact Vidgame through this website. Appropriate Software and Hardware The most important program that I will be using is Microsoft FrontPage version 2000. FrontPage is the most widely used web design program and comes with Microsoft Office, which Mr Simpson currently has.

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I will use the Microsoft Windows XP operating system in which it runs, Microsoft PowerPoint to display screenshots of games as slides and Microsoft PhotoDraw version 2 to manipulate images. Microsoft Internet Explorer is also needed to obtain screenshots and video clips of games. A virus checker is needed to protect the website and the data in it from virus attacks. The hardware required will be a PC, a Pentium 4 Processor – M 1.

9GHz Laptop with a Nvidia GeForce 460 Go graphics card, 40GB hard disk, 512MB RAM, 15. 0″ TFT screen will be used as that is what the owner of Vidgame, Mr Simpson has.The PC is perfectly adequate for the creation of this website as the processor is relatively fast.

I will also need an optical mouse as the touch pad on a laptop is quite difficult to use and a scanner to scan the location maps of the stores. Data Input Vidgame will be able to give me all the information required for this website. Screenshots and video clips of games can be obtained from the Internet. Maps of the location of the stores will also need to be scanned in, and the location of the stores marked on. The main bulk of the text that needs to be input is information on games and accessories.The text will be input by keyboard and the pictures and video clips saved from the internet will be inserted. Text will be spell checked and proof read. Data Manipulation Here is how I will manipulate the data to complete my objectives: 1.

The main sections of the website must be accessible from all the pages in the website The buttons will be inserted and linked to the correct pages. They will be located on every page using shared borders 2. The company logo must appear on every page The company logo will also be in a shared border at the top of the page 3.

The website must contain animation effects On some pictures that have a hyperlink to another page, when they are mouse-overed, they will animate e. g. a change of picture 4. The background of the pages must stay the same There will be a theme set for all the pages in the website, this includes a background picture 5. The website must include Vidgame will need to update the information whenever it changes. The new information is then stored in the application file.

Visitors of the website accessing information There will be hyperlinks to each page in the website.Visitors click on the hyperlinks to access the information they want. The system finds the appropriate page for the customer. Output The output is all screen based, it is the website that the customers visit and browse and interact with. An example of this is a web page with the review of a game. The company do not need to spend money on any additional output devices such as printers. Backup / Security Strategy The website must be backed up onto CD-RW whenever changes are made and once a week. A CD-RW is needed, as a floppy disk does not have enough storage space.

This will insure that if for example, the hard disk is damaged, the data is still safe. One copy should be kept near the computer so that it can be used straight away if something happens to the actual file. The other copy should be kept far away in case a natural disaster or intentional damage happens. Once the website is the password protecting the website from being edited should not be written down, the manger should remember it. The password should be changed regularly in case someone who is restricted finds out what it is.

A virus checker is needed so that viruses will not harm the file.

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