3.1 needs, profession safety and security, working hour, trust,

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 3.1Population and Sample SizeThe purpose of thestudy is to study the relationship between working environment and Jobsatisfaction. The data is gather round casually from the work-forces of Glassbased Industry in Pakistan, through survey questionnaire.

100 respondents were chosenthat permit us to get comebacks from work-forces, over and done with the use ofself-administered questionnaires. As indication propose that self-administeredquestionnaire, circulated by hand and via emails, is most appropriate in many researches(Werner & Eleanor, 1993). The centralaim of choosing work-forces from numerous fields is to get view from a miscellaneousgroup of people so that the consequences can be widespread on the massive groupof population. 3.

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2Data Instrument & Data Analysis TechniqueThe 25 itemsquestionnaire modified from State StatisticalOffice (SSO, 2009) contained of questions regarding esteem needs, professionsafety and security, working hour, trust, relationship with co-workers andSupervisor, and Nature of work to find the impression of overall workingenvironment on work-force Job satisfaction. . A 5-point Likert scale is used to assess answer extending from not at all Pleased,dis-Pleased, neither, somewhat Pleased and completely Pleased.

Many scholarsbelieve that statistical packages are the most suitable and most reliableinstruments for systematically examining outsized set of data (Buglear, 2005). So, all statistical explorationis performed through the help of software “StatisticalPackage for Social Sciences” (SPSS). Dynamic analysis is also executed asit can be used for the data containing of sample size n?5 (Hair et al., 2010).

The hypothesis of the study was workenvironment impacts Job satisfaction, so regression analysis was appropriatefor this research. When we want to study that how does  adaptable related to another variable? We usesimple regression (Robson, 2008 cited inSaunder et al., 2009).

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