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Last updated: January 13, 2020

3 words chosen: friendly, colours, rich or poorSolution: Organise outdoor activities where all children areencouraged to attend, irrespective of social class or economic status. As anexample, the Government can organise free friendly competitions, say every Saturday,where the children would play against each other. Apart from being fun for thechildren, it would encourage them to go out and do some physical activityinstead of staying at home on their computer or playing video games. Thechildren would be split in teams, example according to locality and each teammember would wear a coloured sash around his/her hand to indicate to which teamhe/she belongs to.

The winning team would win goodie bags filled with freshfruit and other healthy food. Thus, apart from showing the children theimportance of physical activity and how fun it can be, the importance of eatingthe right food is also emphasised.   3 words chosen: pets,message, investingSolution: Invest in campaigns to encourage families tobuy or adopt a dog as this has a lot of benefits. This message can be sent tothe whole population through TV programmes, schools and with flyers. Normally, childrenwho have pets go outside more than those who don’t. To begin with, they would regularlygo for walks with their pets.

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In addition, dogs love to play with children andso children who have pets have a higher chance of doing some physical activityas they would run and play with them, especially in the case of large dogswhich need to waste a lot of energy. For those who cannot or don’t want a dogat their home, sanctuaries should start campaigns whereby they encouragefamilies to go there on a regular basis and take a dog for a walk. In doingthis, children are walking as they walk their dogs. The dogs, both if takenfrom the sanctuaries or adopted/bought can also be taken to open lands withgrass and a lot of playing space so that the children could play safely withthe dogs, example playing fetch or running together.

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