3. comparing to the process of refueling the

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3. FUNCTIONING OF E-BIKES3.1 Motors and drivetrains          Several technologies are available to energize an electric bike which varies in cost and technology.

BLDC hub motors are a common modern design with the motor build into the wheel hub itself and the stator is fixed solidly to the axle and the magnets are attached to and rotating of the wheel. The power levels of the motor are energized to a maximum of 750 watts. The motor is fixed near the rear wheel and few magnetic pieces are placed on the rear wheel near the motor. These magnets are responsible for the rotation of the wheels while pedaling without any resistance.

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 3.2 Mechanical           Electric motors are mechanically very simple. They often achieve 90% of the energy efficiency. E- Bikes are also combined with the regenerative braking system so that they have the ability to convert the movement energy into electrical energy. For this technology, the e-bikes are considered to be reusable energy product.  They provide a smooth and quiet operation and consequently have less noise and vibration levels than internal combustion engines. Electric vehicles tank to wheel engines is highly efficient than internal combustion engine vehicles.

At first the lead acid batteries were used which are replaced by lithium polymer battery type.3.3 Frame               The frame is the most important component of an electric bike. Its innovative geometry is different from normal vehicles in such a way that the batteries can be located into the frame. The frame is designed in such a way that they are either circular or elliptical in shape, so that the frame will be more aerodynamic and aesthetic. The size and shape of the frame depends on the battery type we use to make the frame more continuous and uniform. Aluminum profile is used to prevent the batteries from damage and the outer surface is anodized.

4. BATTERY AND CHARGING                     The kind of battery selected for e-bikes are the lithium ion battery. The batteries are designed according to the size of the frame and the capacity that the manufactured bike can withstand. The battery must be provided with a saddle so that it can be hidden inside the frame which makes the bike model to look esthetic.

There are multi numbers of ways to charge an electric bike and the process of charging the batteries is dependent on the capacity of battery. Many electric designs have a limited range. The batteries have a long recharging times comparing to the process of refueling the tank. 

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